canada West Coast Shipbuilders

Vancouver, British Columbia


Satellite and aerial maps of West Coast Shipbuilders with nearby locations

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1.6226CBK4 Vancouver General Hospital Heliport, British Columbia
1.7 4CBC7 Vancouver Harbour Heliport, British Columbia
2.5355CYHC Vancouver Harbour Seaplane, British Columbia
2.7331 Coal Harbour, British Columbia
3.4203CAK7 Childrens Hospital Heliport, British Columbia
4.6 30 Burrard Dry Dock, British Columbia

1941 to 1948

49 16 19 secs N - 123 6 31 secs W

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List of ships built at West Coast Shipbuilders

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1944-sep-28UK A229 RFA Fort Duquesne Canadian Fort class

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