canada Harbour Heliport

Vancouver, British Columbia

0.9340CYHC Vancouver Harbour Seaplane, British Columbia
1.5296 Coal Harbour, British Columbia
1.7184 West Coast Shipbuilders, British Columbia
3.0204CBK4 Vancouver General Hospital Heliport, British Columbia
3.2 43 Burrard Dry Dock, British Columbia
5.0196CAK7 Childrens Hospital Heliport, British Columbia

49° 17' 12.84'' N - 123° 6' 25.21'' W

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News about this location

Helijet Begins Weekend Flights to Nanaimo, 23-Nov-16 : Helijet International announce weekend flights between Nanaimo Harbour and Vancouver Harbour Heliport. Nowadays offers six roundtrips each day


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By Date | By Serial

1996-aug-20 407C-GFCC
1996-aug-20 S-76AC-GHJW
2001-may-01 S-76AC-GHJW
2003-jul-30 S-76AC-GHJW
2004-oct-14 407C-GFCC
2005-aug-05 S-76AC-GHJP
2006-jun-19 S-76AC-GHJW
2006-jun-20 206L-1 Long RangerN3174P
2006-jun-20 212C-FZQB / 346
2006-jun-20 S-76AC-GHJP
2006-aug-13 EC120BC-FLCN
2006-aug-23 407C-GDOT
2006-aug-24 206L-3 Long RangerC-GUNL
2006-aug-25 S-76AC-GHJV
2006-oct-13 407C-FCPH
2007-jan-15 S-61NC-GBSF
2007-jan-15 S-76AC-GHJP
2007-mar-27 S-76AC-GHJT
2007-may-17 206L-1 Long RangerN3174P
2007-may-17 AS355F1 Ecureuil 2 C-FXFX
2007-may-17 CH-149 Cormorant149912 / 912
2007-jun-26 407C-GDOT
2007-aug-29 407C-FCPH
2007-aug-29 S-76AC-GHJW
2008-mar-27 S-76AC-GHJW
2008-mar-27 S-76AC-GHJT
2008-apr-16 S-61NC-GBSF
2008-may-22 206L-3 Long RangerC-GUNL
2008-may-25 206L-1 Long RangerC-GXHJ
2008-jun-06 AW139C-FPSE
2008-jul-30 AS350B EcureuilC-GYYR
2008-jul-31 CH-149 Cormorant149912 / 912
2008-oct-10 407C-FCPH
2009-may-21 407C-GFCC
2009-may-21 407C-FCPH
2009-may-21 407C-FFCH
2009-jul-27 S-76AC-GHJP
2009-nov-06 CH-149 Cormorant149906 / 906
2009-dec-24 AS350B2 EcureuilC-GAXK
2010-jan-22 407C-FFCH
2010-feb-04 AS350B EcureuilC-GYYR
2010-feb-04 S-61NC-GBSF
2010-apr-09 S-76AC-GHJP
2010-may-19 S-76AN348AA
2010-jun-23 S-76BN7689S
2010-jul-09 S-76AC-GHJG
2010-jul-10 206L-1 Long RangerC-GVIZ
2011-mar-27 S-76AN348AA
2011-jun-10 CH-149 Cormorant149904 / 904
2011-oct-20 S-76AN348AA
2012-aug-04 206L-1 Long RangerC-GXHJ
2012-aug-04 S-76CC-GCHJ

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