Marine Industries Limited

Sorel-Tracy , Quebec

canada Canada

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Nicolet helipad , Quebec 41.5060CSK9
Trois-Rivieres , Quebec 48.6043CYRQ
Canadian Vickers , Quebec 61.7210
École Nationale d'Aérotechnique , Quebec 61.8202
CFB St. Hubert , Quebec 62.3202CYHU
Sacre-Coeur Hospital , Quebec 72.6219CSZ8

  Marine Industries Limited

1937 to 1986

46° 2' 14'' N     73° 7' 1'' W
Sorel-Tracy, Quebec

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List of ships built at Marine Industries Limited

1954Icebreakersusa Wind class
1956Destroyer St. Laurent class
1958Destroyer Restigouche class
1964Destroyer Annapolis class
1972Destroyer Iroquois class
1987Icebreakers Type 1100 class

1954CA AW 50 HMCS Labrador Wind class
1954-feb-12CA DDE 234 HMCS Assiniboine St. Laurent class
1957-nov-17CA DDE 256 HMCS St. Croix Restigouche class
1961-dec-10CA DDH 266 HMCS Nipigon Annapolis class
1970-nov-27CA DDH 282 HMCS Athabaskan Iroquois class
1970-nov-28CA DDH 280 HMCS Iroquois Iroquois class
1971-apr-9CA DDH 281 HMCS Huron Iroquois class
1971-apr-23CA DDH 283 HMCS Algonquin Iroquois class
1987CA CCGS Sir William Alexander Type 1100 class

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