canada Spartan Air Services Ltd

Ottawa based company founded in 1946 by 2 RCAF veterans following the increasing need for air survey projects. By 1957 was Canada largest helicopter operator, with a training school and a overhaul plant at Uplands airport and a fleet including 10 Bell 47Ds, 4 Bell 47Gs, 7 Bell 47G2s, 3 Bell 47Js, 6 Vertol 42As and 3 Vertol 44As.

In 1960 was purchased by Bristol Aerospace Company and was engage in mapping and geophysical exploration throughout the world including operations in Colombia, Tanganyika (current Tanzania), Kenya, Somaliland (current Somalia), Mozambique and the Seychelles. In 1962 merged with Sulmac Exploration Services Ltd. In 1966, the Argentine office, wins a contract by the Government of Argentina to aerial photographing of about one-third of the Province of Buenos Aires.

In 1970 joined Canadian Aero Service Ltd to form Spartan Aero Ltd In 1973 changed name to Spartan Capital Corp Ltd

Model Types

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  Bell 47
  Piasecki H-21
  B-V V44

List of Aircraft

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47B 27 CF-JBQ : Spartan Air Services; 1963 pictured at RCAF Station Bird, Manitob ...
H-21B B-146 1956CF-JJO : Spartan Air Service, reg Dominion Helicopters for operations on M ...
H-21B B-439 CF-JJV : Spartan Air Services 1958
V44A 438 1958CF-NVC : xfer Canada in 1963 and operated for the next 17 years by Skyroto ...
SE3130 Alouette II 1408 1960CF-POH : Spartan air services, noted Aug65

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