Davie Shipbuilding

Lauzon , Quebec

canada Canada

Satellite and aerial maps of Davie Shipbuilding with nearby locations

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Morton Engineering Dry Dock Co , Quebec 3.6262
CCG Base Quebec , Quebec 3.9229CTJ2
Quebec Citadel helipad , Quebec 4.0233
Quebec Jean Lesage , Quebec 17.9256CYQB
CFB Valcartier , Quebec 27.0287CYOY
St Georges , Quebec 88.4156CYSG

  Davie Shipbuilding

46° 49' 44.28'' N     71° 9' 53.12'' W
Lauzon, Quebec

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List of ships built at Davie Shipbuilding

1953Frigate Prestonian class
1959Destroyer Restigouche class
1963Support Ship Provider class
1963Destroyer Mackenzie class
1993Frigate City class
2018Support Ship Resolve class

1943-sep-18CA FFE 319 HMCS Toronto Prestonian class
1943-oct-16CA FFE 309 HMCS Ste. Therese Prestonian class
1943-oct-28CA FFE 318 HMCS Jonquiere Prestonian class
1944-apr-28CA FFE 314 HMCS Buckingham Prestonian class
1944-may-27CA FEE 312 HMCS Fort Erie Prestonian class
1944-jun-6CA FFE 308 HMCS Inch Arran Prestonian class
1944-jun-10CA FFE 322 HMCS Lauzon Prestonian class
1944-jun-22CA FFE 307 HMCS Prestonian Prestonian class
1944-jun-23CA FFE 320 HMCS Victoriaville Prestonian class
1944-jul-6CA FFE 316 HMCS Penetang Prestonian class
1944-jul-12CA FFE 313 HMCS Sussexvale Prestonian class
1957-jun-3CA DDE 236 HMCS Gatineau Restigouche class
1962-may-2CA DDE 264 HMCS Qu Appelle Mackenzie class
1962-jul-5CA AOR 508 HMCS Provider Provider class
1991-may-16CA FFH 332 HMCS Ville de Quebec City class
1992-jan-25CA FFH 334 HMCS Regina City class
1992-aug-28CA FFH 335 HMCS Calgary City class
2017-octCA NRU Asterix Resolve class

List of aircraft and events at Davie Shipbuilding

1964-sep Conversion to DDHCanadian Armed Forces St. Laurent class DDE 207 HMCS Skeena

1966-apr Half-Life refitCanadian Armed Forces Majestic class CVL 22 HMCS Bonaventure

2015-nov AOR conversionCanadian Armed Forces Resolve class NRU Asterix

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