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Based out of Toronto, Ontario they focus on designing, developing and implementing a commercially viable drone delivery system within the Canadian geography.


Drone Delivery Canada Unveils “Condor”, 21-Feb-19 : #drones Drone Delivery Canada presented its largest and farthest range Cargo Delivery Drone. Named Condor, has a payload capacity of 180 kgs / 400 lbs and a potential travel distance of up to 200 km / 124 miles

Drone Delivery Canada Started Condor Development, 21-Mar-18 : Drone Delivery Canada commences development of the Condor a 400 lbs / 181 Kgs next generation cargo delivery drone

Drone Delivery Canada First Test Flight in USA, 16-Mar-18 : Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) completed successful test flights in the United States at the Griffiss International Airport in Rome, New York

DDC Unveils 25Lbs Cargo Drone Raven X1400, 18-Jan-18 : Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) to start testing new 25 lbs / 11 kgs Raven X1400 cargo delivery drone in Q1 2018

Drone Delivery Canada Expands Testing to USA, 15-Jan-18 : Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) will test its Sparrow X1000 cargo drone at the New York Griffiss International Airport UAS Test Site, New York in Q1 2018

Compliant UAV Status for Sparrow Cargo Drone, 15-Dec-17 : Transport Canada accepted Drone Delivery Canada’s Declaration of Compliance for the X1000 Sparrow cargo delivery drone

16-Nov-17 - Drone Delivery to be Tested in Northern Canada

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