canada Halifax Shipyards

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Satellite and aerial maps of Halifax Shipyards with nearby locations

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1.5131 CFB Halifax, Nova Scotia
4.1309 Bedford Basin, Nova Scotia
6.7146 Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia
9.7112CYAW CFB Shearwater, Nova Scotia
24.8 15CYHZ Halifax, Nova Scotia
54.6332CCW4 Stanley, Nova Scotia

44° 40' 1'' N - 63° 35' 45'' W

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List of ships built at Halifax Shipyards

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1956Destroyer St. Laurent class
1959Destroyer Restigouche class
1964Destroyer Annapolis class
1987Icebreakers Type 1100 class
1996Coast Guards Kingston class

1953-jul-30CA DDE 206 HMCS Saguenay St. Laurent class
1956-mar-29CA DDE 230 HMCS Margaree St. Laurent class
1957-nov-13CA DDE 235 HMCS Chaudiere Restigouche class
1963-apr-27CA DDH 265 HMCS Annapolis Annapolis class
1987CA CCGS Ann Harvey Type 1100 class
1996CA MM 701 HMCS Glace Bay Kingston class

List of aircraft and events at Halifax Shipyards

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2010-sep-30 2011-sep HCM/FELEX - HalifaxCanadian Armed ForcesCity classFFH 330 HMCS Halifax
2011-oct HCM/FELEX- HalifaxCanadian Armed ForcesCity classFFH 337 HMCS Fredericton

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