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  • canada Shearwater

    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


    Satellite and aerial maps of CFB Shearwater with nearby locations

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    5.2072 Rainbow Haven Beach, Nova Scotia
    5.6250CAHAL Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia
    8.2289 CFB Halifax, Nova Scotia
    8.3279CHQE Halifax Infirmary, Nova Scotia
    9.7292 Halifax Shipyards, Nova Scotia
    13.6297CABDF Bedford Basin, Nova Scotia

    1918 to present

    44° 38' 0'' N - 63° 29' 0'' W
    3.5nm SE of Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Elevation: 167 feet

    History of this Location

    Opened in Aug 1918 as US Naval Air Station Halifax on the eastern shore of Halifax Bay, near Dartmouth, to support anti-submarine patrols off the Canadian east coast. With the end of WWI, the Canadian Naval Air Service was disbanded in Dec 1918 and the base was put under maintenance. It reopened in Feb 1920 with the creation of the Canadian Air Force, as Canadian Air Board Station Dartmouth. As the RCAF was contracting to a peace time strength after WWII, the RCN required an east coast base. The base was handed over to Naval control on 1 Dec 1948 and was renamed RCNAS Shearwater.
    In Aug 1951, rotary wing operations began when the first Bell HTL-4s arrived, followed by Sikorsky HO4Ss in Apr 1952. In May 1963, the first of 41 Sea Kings started to replace the HO4Ss. On 1 Feb 1968, the armed forces of Canada were consolidated into the Canadian Armed Forces and the base was renamed CFB Shearwater. In the summer of 1981, the CS-2 Trackers of VT406 left for CFB Summerside. When the EW unit 434 Sqd moved to Greenwood (NS) in May 1995, this left Shearwater as a Sea King only base. CAF 12 Wing also has operational control over MH443 at Patricia Bay near Victoria (BC) on the Pacific coast, which departed from Shearwater in Jul 1989.

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    List of units at CFB Shearwater

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1974/    423MHSCH-148 Cyclone 2018/   
    CH-124 Sea King 1974/18
    1974/89443MHSCH-124 Sea King 1974/18
    1972/    406MOTSCH-148 Cyclone 2015/   
    CH-124 Sea King 1972/18
    CCG Atlantic Region

    CFB Shearwater News

    Canadian 423 Squadron to Celebrate 75th Anniversary, 18-Apr-17 : Royal Canadian Air Force 423 Maritime Helicopter Squadron, based at 12 Wing Shearwater, Nova Scotia, is celebrating 75 years since its formation in 1942 next May 17-19

    Canadian Coast Guard Accepts Bell 429 in Shearwater, 14-Mar-16 : Delivery of 15 new Bell 429 helicopters for Canadian Coast Guard is on budget and ahead of schedule with 12 already in service. In addition, seven new Bell 412 will be delivered starting in 2017

    Canada Accepts Six Sikorsky CH-148 Cyclone, 19-Jun-15 : The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) is a major step closer to operating a new world-class maritime helicopter fleet with the official acceptance of six CH-148 Cyclones on June 19, 2015.

    List of aircraft and events at CFB Shearwater

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    By Date | By Serial

    1999-sep-12 Air Show406MOTS CH-124 12405
    1999-sep-12 Air Show406MOTS CH-124 12433
    1999-sep-12 Air Show406MOTS CH-124 12440
    1999-sep-12 Air Show403 Squadron CH-146 146408
    1999-sep-12 Air Show403 Squadron CH-146 146426
    1999-sep-12 Air Show403 Squadron CH-146 146445
    1999-sep-12 Air Show403 Squadron CH-146 146471
    1999-sep-12 Agusta Spa EH101 I-LIOI
    1999-sep-12 Air ShowCoast Guard Air Station Atlantic City HH-65 6514
    1999-sep-12 Air ShowHM-14 /BJ-546 MH-53E 164769
    1999-sep-12 Air ShowVX-1 /JA-39 SH-60B 164462
    1999-dec TrialsAgustaWestland UK EH101 ZK101
    2003-sep-07 CH-124 12403 / 403
    2003-sep-07 CH-149 149909 / 909
    2009-jun-04 CH-124 12429
    2009-jun-04 CH-124 12437
    2009-sep-02 CH-124 12436
    2010-jun-24 CH-124 12403
    2010-sep-11 105CBS-2 C-GCHW
    2010-sep-11 CH-124 12406
    2010-sep-11 CH-124 12410
    2013-aug-01 CH-124 12434
    2015-jan-08 CH-148 N8040J
    2015-aug-07 Canadian Armed Forces CH-124 12414
    2016-mar-14 Canadian Coast Guard 429 C-GCPI
    2016-jun-09 Canadian Coast Guard 429 C-GCPI
    2016-sep-17 Canadian Coast Guard 429 C-GCQS
    2018-jul-26 Canadian Armed Forces CH-124 12417
    2019-jan-08 Canadian Coast Guard 429 C-GCPI
    2019-jan-10 Canadian Coast Guard 429 C-GCPJ
    2020-mar-12 Canadian Armed Forces CH-148 148810
    2020-jul-23 Canadian Armed Forces CH-148 148813
    2020-nov-06 Canadian Armed Forces CH-148 148810
    2021-jan-07 Canadian Armed Forces CH-148 148821
    2021-jan-12 Canadian Armed Forces CH-148 148826
    2021-jan-20 Canadian Armed Forces CH-148 148821
    2021-jan-22 Canadian Armed Forces CH-148 148826

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