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Halifax, Nova Scotia



Satellite and aerial maps of Halifax Harbour with nearby locations

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4.3318CHQE Halifax Infirmary, Nova Scotia
5.2331 CFB Halifax, Nova Scotia
5.6070CYAW CFB Shearwater, Nova Scotia
6.7327 Halifax Shipyards, Nova Scotia
10.6320CABDF Bedford Basin, Nova Scotia
29.6006CYHZ Halifax International, Nova Scotia

44° 37' 0.12'' N - 63° 32' 60.00'' W
2.5nm SE of Halifax

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Halifax Harbour News

First Deployment of Canadian CH-148 Cyclone, 18-Jul-18 : #milestone In the first operational deployment of a CH-148 Cyclone, HMCS Ville de Qu├ębec departed to join the Standing NATO Maritime Group SNMG2 under Operation Reassurance

List of aircraft and events at Halifax Harbour

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1948-may-25 1948-jun-01 Canadian Armed ForcesMajestic classCVL 21 HMCS Magnificent
2005-aug-08 CH-124 Sea King12437
2005-aug-08 CH-124 Sea King12426
2005-sep-06 Bo105CBS-2C-GCFQ / 361
2005-sep-06 CH-124 Sea King12421
2005-sep-30 CH-149 Cormorant149914 / 914
2006-mar-30 CH-124 Sea King12435
2006-may-15 CH-124 Sea King12430
2006-jun-27 CH-124 Sea King12429
2007-aug-03 CH-124 Sea King12414
2008-jan-31 CH-124 Sea King12406
2008-sep-10 CH-124 Sea King12430
2008-sep-24 CH-124 Sea King12424
2008-oct-25 CH-124 Sea King12408
2009-apr-24 CH-124 Sea King12436
2009-apr-24 CH-149 Cormorant149913 / 913
2009-jul-19 AS350B3 EcureuilC-FMPH
2010-mar-25 CH-148 CycloneN4901C / 801
2010-apr-13 CH-124 Sea King12417
2010-apr-22 CH-124 Sea King12421
2010-jun-19 CH-149 Cormorant149910 / 910
2010-jun-24 Merlin HM.1ZH850 / WM-462
2010-jun-27 Lynx HAS3ZD262 / 674
2010-jun-27 Merlin HM.1ZH833 / 85
2010-jul-07 CH-124 Sea King12405

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