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    NEWS | Eurocopter EC135 in Polish Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe

    200,000 Engine Flight Hours for Polish Air Ambulance EC135/H135

    Polish medical air rescue service ( Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe, LPR ) achieves 200,000 engine flight hours with its fleet of 27 EC135P2+ and P3/H135 Airbus helicopters powered by PW206 B2 and B3 engines
      European Rotors 2022


    200,000 Engine Flight Hours for Polish Air Ambulance EC135/H135

    Pratt & Whitney Canada, November 08, 2022 - Cologne, Germany – Pratt & Whitney Canada, a business unit of Pratt & Whitney, announced today that Polish medical air rescue service Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (LPR) has flown 200,000 engine hours on its fleet of 27 PW206B-powered H135 helicopters from Airbus – a notable milestone that showcases the urgent care this dedicated team has provided to save lives.

    “We have enjoyed a solid working relationship with LPR for well over a decade and actively support the important life-saving work they perform throughout Poland,” says John Lewis, senior director customer programs, Pratt & Whitney Canada.

    “The H135 has been a reliable workhorse for the medivac community since it entered into service. During that time, we have introduced three versions of the PW206B engine, each one offering more advantages to operators who rely on its performance to respond when needed to their mission-critical operations.”

    “We greatly appreciate the dependability of Pratt & Whitney Canada’s engines and also rely on the company to help us follow best maintenance practices and derive the most value from our aviation assets,” says Wojciech Woźniczka, director’s proxy of key project management, LPR.

    “We have also worked with Pratt & Whitney Canada since October 2021 on a Fleet Enhancement Program (FEP) that will see us install 48 new PW206B2 and B3 engines on our helicopters, 25 of which have already been installed. The FEP has proven to be an attractive solution and provides an economical, efficient way to refresh our fleet.”

    Pratt & Whitney Canada has been supporting LPR for nearly 20 years with tailored maintenance and product solutions. LPR has a fleet of 36 aircraft which include 27 Pratt & Whitney Canada-powered H135 helicopters.

    About Pratt & Whitney: Pratt & Whitney is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft and helicopter engines, and auxiliary power units.

    Pratt & Whitney Canada PW206B2 engine

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    Eurocopter EC135 in Polish Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe
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