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    MAGicALL Electic Motors for CityAirbus NextGen, 12-May-22 : #UrbanAirMobility Airbus electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft CityAirbus NextGen prototype will be equipped with a tailored version of the MAGicALL MAGiDRIVE

    Safran Maintenance for French Gov Engines, 27-Apr-22 : #engines Safran renews 10-year maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) contract for 1600 helicopter engines currently in use by the French Army, Navy, Air Force, Gendarmerie, Civil Protection, Customs and the DGA

    Pratt & Whitney and Air bp Sign MOU on SAF, 01-Apr-22 : #SAF Pratt & Whitney and Air bp signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) testing and research

    First Hydrogen Aviation Symposium in USA, 09-Mar-22 : Heli-Expo 2022 Vertical Flight Society (VFS) hosts first hydrogen aviation symposium in USA. The 1st H2-Aero Symposium & Workshop, March 29-31, in Long Beach, CA. VFS expands support of electrified aviation to include hydrogen fuel cell aircraft

    S-92 Lands at Heli-Expo 2022 Using SAF, 08-Mar-22 : Heli-Expo 2022 A Milestone Aviation S-92 Helicopter landed in Dallas, Texas for the HAI HELI-EXPO 2022 using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

    14-Feb-22 - Honeywell HTS7500 Engine Selected for Defiant X #HTS7500
    01-Feb-22 - M250/RR300 Representative in New Zealand #M250
    03-Dec-21 - Chinook NextGen T55-GA-714C Engine Testing Begins #T55
    23-Nov-21 - AW189 / CT7 Fleet Leader Reaches 5000 Flight Hours #CT7
    18-Nov-21 - PWC PT6C-67C Maintenance for Heli-Union AW139 #engines
    11-Nov-21 - LTS101-750B-1 to B-2 Conversion in NZ #LTS101
    25-Oct-21 - H125 Engine Power Upgrade #power
    20-Oct-21 - Arriel 2E is Built in USA for UH-72B Lakota #Arriel2E
    30-Sep-21 - Kaman Delivered 1500th Inlet for Chinook #Chinook
    28-Sep-21 - M250-C47E Testing Certification for KTS #M250
    28-Sep-21 - Piaggio Partners Safran on Ardiden Engines #Ardiden
    23-Sep-21 - Airbus Flightlab Testing Engine Backup System #EBS
    09-Sep-21 - First Helicopter Engine Using 100% Sustainable Fuel #SustainableFuel
    29-Aug-21 - Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Piasecki PA-890 #hydrogen
    12-Jul-21 - FAA Certification for Safran Arrano 1A Engine #Arrano
    10-Jul-21 - ITP Aero to Support Gulf Helicopters Engines #engine
    07-Jul-21 - Safran Supports Malaysian H225M Engines #Makila
    06-Jul-21 - Safran Arrano Engine Runs on BioFuel #biofuel
    10-Jun-21 - P&W Endorsed Sustainable Skies Act #biofuel
    07-Jun-21 - First ADAC Helicopter Using Biofuel #ecology
    27-May-21 - First Russian Engine Designed in 3D #3D
    25-May-21 - Russia to Increase Share in Global Helicopter Engine Market #engines
    25-May-21 - PW206B2 Engine Overhaul in Dallas #PW206B2
    23-May-21 - VK2500P Engine for Mi and Ka Helicopters #VK2500
    03-May-21 - StandardAero Engines Repair Centre in Florida #engines
    07-Apr-21 - Safran to Support Bundespolizei EC120 Engines #bundespolizei
    12-Mar-21 - Honeywell to Support Chinook Engines #Chinook
    19-Feb-21 - StandardAero Expands Engine Repair Business #engines
    09-Feb-21 - Safran and HAL sign MoU for Military Engine #Safran
    02-Feb-21 - First Run for VK-650V Turbine Engine #engine
    30-Jan-21 - Mint Turbines New MRO Provider for T700 Engines #T700
    27-Jan-21 - RAN Seahawks T700 Support by APA #T700
    22-Jan-21 - Airbus Flightlab Demonstrator #flightlab
    04-Jan-21 - Prototype Engine for the Ka-226T #engine
    02-Jan-21 - Improved Nacelles for USAF CV-22 Osprey #Osprey
    17-Dec-20 - Electric Motor to Protect Tropical Helicopters #tropical
    16-Dec-20 - Safran Support for Chinese H215 Engines #H215
    24-Nov-20 - T700 Engine MRO in Australia by APA #T700
    16-Nov-20 - New Engine VK-1600V for Ka-62 #VK1600V
    04-Nov-20 - GT50 Engine for Hill Helicopter HX50 #GT50
    15-Oct-20 - Honeywell Wins T55 Contract for US Army Chinooks #T55
    09-Sep-20 - ITEP Engine Completes Critical Design Review #ITEP
    03-Aug-20 - H+S Aviation Acquired CTS800 Engine Line #CTS800
    23-Jul-20 - Electronic Ignition System for R22 and R44 #electronicIgnition
    21-Jul-20 - Honeywell New T55 Center in Phoenix #T55
    21-Jul-20 - Safran Ardiden for Turboprop Aircraft #Ardiden
    21-Jul-20 - Rolls-Royce Engines for V-280 Valor #RollsRoyce
    09-Jul-20 - M250 and RR300 Engine Training in Australia #RR300
    08-Jul-20 - StandardAero Restructured Canadian Centers #Canada
    30-Jun-20 - Engines Maintenance Courses in Australia #courses
    26-Jun-20 - Safran to Support German and Norwegian NH90 RTM322 #RTM322
    23-Jun-20 - MicroVCS Cooling for Electric Aircraft #MicroVCS
    11-Jun-20 - HyPoint Hydrogen Power for CityHawk #urbanairmobility
    08-Jun-20 - Next Generation Engine for US Army Chinook #Chinook
    22-Apr-20 - Engine Contracts Awarded to GE Aviation #engines
    20-Apr-20 - US Army Testing T408 Engine on a NCH-47 Chinook #T408
    19-Apr-20 - Arista and Brightwater UAG to Support T700 Engine #repair
    19-Mar-20 - Fight Readiness of US Army Trainers #MFEDS
    14-Mar-20 - High Voltage at 270 VDC in Fast Helicopters #270VDC
    11-Mar-20 - Safran to Study Biofuels Production #biofuels
    09-Mar-20 - Heavy Fuel Engine for Australian Camcopter Drone #drones
    09-Mar-20 - T901 Engine Tested on AH-64E Apache #T901
    06-Mar-20 - R66 Starter Generator Overhaul #StarterGenerator
    24-Feb-20 - Safran Opens New Industrial Campus in Tarnos #TurbineEngines
    22-Feb-20 - AKV Engine Cycle Counters for Metro EC145 fleet #AKV
    12-Feb-20 - PWC Customer Support Plan for Bells #CustomerSupport
    30-Jan-20 - Safran to Support Mexican Pegaso Engines Heli-Expo 2020
    30-Jan-20 - Makila Engine Testing Stand in Norway Heli-Expo 2020
    29-Jan-20 - Safran to Support Portugal’ EH101 Engines Heli-Expo 2020
    29-Jan-20 - Rolls-Royce Delivers 250th Engine to Enstrom Heli-Expo 2020
    29-Jan-20 - Arrow Aviation Repair Center for M250 and RR300 Heli-Expo 2020
    27-Dec-19 - Piaggio to Support Italian Chinook #T55
    19-Dec-19 - PT6A and PW200 Service Centre in Brazil #PrattWhitney
    13-Dec-19 - EASA Certification for Safran Aneto-1K in AW189K #Aneto1K
    12-Dec-19 - M250 Engine MRO Services by Southwest Fuel Systems #M250
    22-Nov-19 - P&WC PW207V Engine for Russian VRT500 Dubai Airshow 2019
    19-Nov-19 - HSC Named Maintenance Facility for PW207K Engine Dubai Airshow 2019
    09-Nov-19 - EASA Certification of Ardiden 1U for HAL LUH #Ardiden1U
    06-Nov-19 - France and China Strengthen Cooperation on WZ16 #WZ16
    22-Oct-19 - One Million Flight Hours for the AE 1107C Engine #Osprey
    21-Oct-19 - UAVOS Test Bed for Engines #engines
    11-Oct-19 - Arrius Engines Achieved 10 Million Flight Hours #Arrius
    10-Oct-19 - WZ16 / Ardiden 3C Engine Certified in China #Ardiden
    20-Sep-19 - ChipCHECK Auto Analysis Tested by Australia in TS19 #TalismanSabre
    11-Sep-19 - VK-650V Turbine Engine for Ka-226T #Ka226T
    22-Jul-19 - Pratt & Whitney Launched “Know My PT6” #PT6
    11-Jul-19 - Rolls-Royce’ Hybrid Electric Research in Germany #HybridElectric
    02-Jul-19 - Black Hawk Engine Inlet Barrier Filter #BlackHawk
    02-Jul-19 - Safran to Support Thailand’ Government Engines #engines
    22-Jun-19 - Hybrid Electric H130 Helicopter in 2020 Paris Air Show 2019
    21-Jun-19 - Airbus and Safran Team Up For Greener Vertical Flight Paris Air Show 2019
    20-Jun-19 - First Ground Run of Safran Tech TP Demonstrator Paris Air Show 2019
    20-Jun-19 - Add+ Engine Built Using 3D-Printed Component Paris Air Show 2019
    19-Jun-19 - EASA Certification for H160’ Engine Arrano 1A Paris Air Show 2019
    18-Jun-19 - Rolls-Royce Acquires Siemens’ Hybrid-Electric Business #HybridElectric
    13-Jun-19 - Honeywell and DENSO Partnership Uber Elevate Summit 2019
    24-May-19 - Arriel and Arrius Support Service in Russia #HeliRussia
    29-Apr-19 - Russian Helicopter Engines Repair Center in Vietnam
    17-Apr-19 - P&W Maintenance Facility for AW139 in China #PT6
    16-Apr-19 - T55 Engines Powers the SB>1 Defiant #T55
    09-Apr-19 - Korean Light Armed Helicopter (LAH) First Engine Run #LAH
    07-Apr-19 - Mi-171 with VK-2500-03 Engine Certified in China #VK2500
    05-Apr-19 - Corpus Christi Army Depot 10.000 Engine Overhaul #engines
    26-Mar-19 - Bell 525’ CT7-2F1 Engine Receives FAA Certification #Certification
    24-Mar-19 - KTS Earns Two Rolls-Royce M250 Awards Heli-Expo 2019
    23-Mar-19 - Bell and Rolls-Royce Teaming for Future Aircraft #engines
    17-Mar-19 - Rolls-Royce Hybrid Aero Propulsion Tests #Hybrid
    08-Mar-19 - Icelandic Coast Guard Engines with Safran Support Heli-Expo 2019
    08-Mar-19 - Aero Asahi Arriel Engines with Safran Support Heli-Expo 2019
    08-Mar-19 - Arriel 2H Certification for Avicopter AC312E Heli-Expo 2019
    08-Mar-19 - Belgian NH90 Engines with Video Assistance Service Heli-Expo 2019
    06-Mar-19 - PW206B3 Engine for Navy H135 Proposal Heli-Expo 2019
    05-Mar-19 - Arriel Engine Support for CHC Helicopters Heli-Expo 2019
    05-Mar-19 - HQ Aviation Is RR300 Authorized Service Center Heli-Expo 2019
    20-Feb-19 - Honeywell’ Hybrid-Electric Turbogenerator #Hybrid
    02-Feb-19 - US Army Selects GE T901 for ITEP Program #ITEP
    29-Jan-19 - Turkey Unveils Indigenous Engine #TS1400
    08-Jan-19 - Safran HEPS to Power the Bell Nexus #HEPS
    11-Dec-18 - Guinness for Farthest Distance by Electric Helicopter #Guinness
    03-Dec-18 - Safran to Support Danish Fennec’ Arriel 1D1 Engines #Arriel
    10-Nov-18 - Boeing, Safran Joint Venture for APUs #APU
    22-Oct-18 - Aneto-1X to Power Airbus Racer Demonstrator Helitech 2018
    27-Sep-18 - Custom RR/Allison 250 C20 C30 C47 Engines Stand #engines
    03-Sep-18 - Turkey’s T625 Started Engine Ground Tests #engines
    14-Aug-18 - Helipark is New P&W Maintenance Facility in Brazil #maintenance
    01-Aug-18 - Tiger’ Engine MTR390 Maintenance at Bordeaux
    20-Jul-18 - PA100 PUREair Engine Protection System for H125/H130
    19-Jul-18 - First Ground Test of Safran’s Hybrid Electric Engine
    18-Jul-18 - Osprey Engines Maintenance by StandardAero FIA 2018
    06-Jul-18 - Predictive Maintenance: the “Dominno” Effect #maintenance
    27-Jun-18 - Reduction in Direct Maintenance Costs for Arriel 2D #engines
    19-Jun-18 - Bell and Safran Collaboration on Hybrid Propulsion #future
    12-Jun-18 - EC635 PW206 Engines First Overhaul by RUAG #engines
    11-Jun-18 - 300K Flight Hours for Airwork’s LTS101 Customers #services
    26-Apr-18 - T700 Engines Distribution by Boeing’ Aviall
    23-Apr-18 - Arriel 2H Obtains EASA Certification
    20-Apr-18 - Ardiden 3C obtains EASA Certification
    19-Apr-18 - Safran Signs Engines Support Contracts
    16-Apr-18 - Arrius 2R in the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X
    13-Apr-18 - Columbia Helicopters Supports T58 Engines
    10-Apr-18 - Russian VK-2500 Engines to be Certified in China
    26-Mar-18 - AAR to Continue Support Pratt & Whitney APU
    21-Mar-18 - Russia to Develop Next Generation Helicopter Engine
    06-Mar-18 - Tanis Heli Preheat System for R44 Heli-Expo 2018
    01-Mar-18 - Sikorsky and MTU Partner for a German CH-53K
    28-Feb-18 - M250 Engines Support for AMGH Bell 206L/407 Heli-Expo 2018
    28-Feb-18 - Off-The-Shelf HUMS from Airbus and Safran Heli-Expo 2018
    28-Feb-18 - P&WC to Support AMGH Engines Heli-Expo 2018
    28-Feb-18 - Pratt & Whitney Canada to Support Era Engines Heli-Expo 2018
    27-Feb-18 - NHV Signs H175 Engine Maintenance with PWC Heli-Expo 2018
    27-Feb-18 - HeliDax EC120 With Safran Health Monitoring Heli-Expo 2018
    27-Feb-18 - Safran Health Monitoring for ÖAMTC EC135 Heli-Expo 2018
    27-Feb-18 - P&WC to Support Weststar AW139 Engines Heli-Expo 2018
    26-Feb-18 - SAS’ AW169 PW210A Engines Maintenance Heli-Expo 2018
    26-Feb-18 - PT6C-67D Engine for TEMSCO’s UH-1H Conversion Heli-Expo 2018
    26-Feb-18 - M250-C47E Engine to Power New Bell 407GXi Heli-Expo 2018
    22-Feb-18 - S.A.F.E. Structure Unveils Engine CAN All-In-One Heli-Expo 2018
    18-Dec-17 - Italy Recognized Leonardo Electric Tail Rotor
    13-Dec-17 - ATEC T900 Engine On Apache and Black Hawk
    17-Nov-17 - GE Begins Production of T408 Engine for CH-53K
    31-Oct-17 - K-MAX Powered by Honeywell T53-17 Engine
    24-Oct-17 - Multiflight Becomes Safran Distributor Helitech 2017
    04-Oct-17 - Babcock MCS Onshore with Safran New HUMS Helitech 2017
    03-Oct-17 - Safran Unveils Aneto Engine for AW189K Helitech 2017
    24-Jul-17 - Heli-One USA Celebrates 10 Years Of Arriel Service
    19-Jun-17 - Ka-62’s Ardiden 3G Obtains EASA Type Certification Paris Air Show 2017
    06-Jun-17 - Portable Oil Lab Q5800 at HeliOffshore Conference
    19-May-17 - Vector Aerospace Becomes Arriel 2D Repair Centre
    17-May-17 - Safran 7-Years Contract to Support German NH90
    26-Apr-17 - Pratt & Whitney Canada in the Middle East
    21-Apr-17 - EASA Approves Increased Engine Power for H145
    19-Apr-17 - Aero Peace Signs Safran Support Contract Rotorcraft Asia 2017
    19-Apr-17 - SkyTrac Data Assists for Sequoia Helicopters Bell 212
    10-Apr-17 - Delivery of the 1,000th Arrius 2B2 for H135
    08-Mar-17 - Safran By-The-Hour Support Contract for UKMFTS Heli-Expo 2017
    08-Mar-17 - Safran to Support Bell Helicopter Academy’s Bell 505 Heli-Expo 2017
    08-Mar-17 - Italian Customs NH500 Engines Support Heli-Expo 2017
    07-Mar-17 - Vector Aerospace Authorized Service Provider for T700 Heli-Expo 2017
    06-Mar-17 - Honeywell: 3900 To 4400 Deliveries Over Next 5 Years Heli-Expo 2017
    02-Mar-17 - Rolls-Royce M250-C47B VIP Upgrade for Bell 407 Heli-Expo 2017
    01-Mar-17 - Donaldson IBF for Robinson R66 at HeliExpo 2017 Heli-Expo 2017
    15-Feb-17 - ATEC’s HPW3000 Designated T900
    07-Feb-17 - LTS101 Engine Operator Costs
    18-Jan-17 - Airwork to Upgrade STARS BK117 Fleet
    22-Dec-16 - Héli-Union, Safran Partnership in Africa
    21-Dec-16 - Level III Arriel Maintenance by Helicopteros Marinos
    20-Dec-16 - Z-15 / AC352 Completes First Flight
    12-Dec-16 - Safran to Support NH90 Engines
    12-Dec-16 - Honeywell Brings HUMS Benefits to Brazil
    01-Dec-16 - Helicopter Engine Turbine Blade Factory
    24-Oct-16 - Safran Engines Support Centre in India
    17-Oct-16 - Rolls-Royce 250 Engine Support by Euravia Helitech 2016
    06-Oct-16 - UAE Arriel and Makila Engines Overhaul
    04-Oct-16 - ATEC Engine Demo for Future Vertical Lift Program
    04-Oct-16 - Heli-One Joins P&WC Service Centre Network
    30-Sep-16 - Battery-Powered Helicopter Record Cruise Flight
    08-Sep-16 - Safran Ardiden 1U Engine for Indian LUH
    08-Sep-16 - Safran Delivers First U.S-Built Arrius 2R
    23-Aug-16 - ATEC HPW3000 Engine for Black Hawk and Apache
    27-Jul-16 - Safran to Support Danish EH101 Engines
    12-Jul-16 - Safran and HAL Joint Venture in India FIA 2016
    23-Jun-16 - Mi-38 Engine Production Started
    06-Jun-16 - Safran Engines for South-Korean LCH and LAH
    03-May-16 - Ka-62 Completes Takeoff with Ardiden 3G Engine
    03-May-16 - US Army Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP)
    03-Mar-16 - Makila 2 Engine Overhaul in Norway Heli-Expo 2016
    02-Mar-16 - MDHI Agreement For M250-C47E/3 Engines Heli-Expo 2016
    29-Feb-16 - Vector to Support Eagle Copters Fleet of PT6T Engines Heli-Expo 2016
    29-Feb-16 - Vector 40 Years of Supporting GE T58/CT58 engines Heli-Expo 2016
    16-Dec-15 - Bell 505 Arrius 2R engine Passes EASA Certification
    14-Dec-15 - HAL Successful Run Indigenous 25 kN Aero Engine
    10-Dec-15 - LHTEC Sign Contract for Turkish TLUH Engine
    12-Nov-15 - Donaldson Engine Protection System for AW189
    10-Nov-15 - High-Compression Engine for Higher-Performance
    22-Oct-15 - Turbomeca Makila 2 to be Assembled in Poland
    10-Sep-15 - Vector to Perform Canadian Sea King MRO Engine
    29-Jun-15 - PT6 Engine Support for Petroleum Air Services
    16-Jun-15 - TAI Selects LHTEC CTS800 engine for TLUH Paris Air Show 2015
    11-Jun-15 - Heli-One 200th Arriel Engine Overhaul
    03-Mar-15 - PW206B3 Engine Receives Key EASA Validation Heli-Expo 2015
    18-Feb-15 - Airbus Helicopters selects X4 engine
    13-Oct-14 - EASA gives green light to Arrius 2B2 Plus Helitech 2014
    13-Oct-14 - T64-GE-419 engines to power Bell V-280 Valor
    07-Jul-14 - Canadian Certification for the PW206B3 Engine PW206B3
    05-May-14 - First Rotations of Bell 505 Engine Arrius 2R
    25-Feb-14 - First rotation of the X4 engine Turbomeca Arrano Heli-Expo 2014
    25-Feb-14 - Maverick Helicopters receives 500th Arriel 2D Engine Heli-Expo 2014
    25-Feb-14 - Turbomeca introduces Makila 2B engine for EC225e Heli-Expo 2014
    25-Feb-14 - Turbomeca pledges full support to new Bell 505 Heli-Expo 2014
    25-Feb-14 - Turbomeca Arriel 500k flight hours with Blue Hawaiian Heli-Expo 2014
    17-Jun-13 - Bell & Turbomeca together for first time
    27-Aug-12 - CH-53K GE38 Turboshaft Engine Test Status
    25-Apr-12 - PW210 Engine to Power Eurocopter X4
    24-Apr-12 - P&WC PT6C-67E engine for the EC175 cerified
    16-Mar-12 - EASA approves BK117-850D2 STC
    27-Apr-11 - Turbomeca Ardiden 3g Engines for Ka-62
    19-Nov-10 - Depot Delivers 400th Honeywell T-55 Engine
    20-Jul-04 - PW207C Selected to Power the Agusta Grand
    23-Aug-02 - PT6C-67D Receives Canada and FAA Type Certificate
    08-Jun-00 - RTM322 Engines Selected for the NH90