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Engines Maintenance Courses in Australia, 30-Jun-20 : #courses FlightSafety offers maintenance technician training courses for Pratt & Whitney Canada and Honeywell engines and APUs at a new Learning Center at the Sunshine Coast Airport in Queensland, Australia

Safran to Support German and Norwegian NH90 RTM322, 26-Jun-20 : #RTM322 NATO Helicopter Management Agency (NAHEMA) signed Global Support Package (GSP) contract with Safran to support 276 RTM322 engines used by NH90 helicopters from the German Army (Heeresflieger), Navy (Marineflieger) and the Royal Norwegian Air Force (Luftforsvaret)

MicroVCS Cooling for Electric Aircraft, 23-Jun-20 : #MicroVCS Honeywell unveils Micro Vapor Cycle System (MicroVCS), a lightweight, low-maintenance and energy-efficient thermal management system that uses advanced technology to generate cold air or liquid to cool cabins, electronic components and batteries for electric aircraft

Next Generation Engine for US Army Chinook, 08-Jun-20 : #Chinook Honeywell to demonstrate to the U.S. Army its new T55-GA-714C for the CH-47 Chinook helicopter at Fort Eustis. The all-new engine variant is 25% more powerful and consumes 10% less fuel

Engine Contracts Awarded to GE Aviation, 22-Apr-20 : #engines In spite of the Coronavirus pandemic, GE Aviation awarded more than $476M in military contracts by the US Government over the last month including $73M for UH-60M Black Hawk and CH-53E Super Stallion engines

20-Apr-20 - US Army Testing T408 Engine on a NCH-47 Chinook #T408
19-Apr-20 - Arista and Brightwater UAG to Support T700 Engine #repair
19-Mar-20 - Fight Readiness of US Army Trainers #MFEDS
14-Mar-20 - High Voltage at 270 VDC in Fast Helicopters #270VDC
11-Mar-20 - Safran to Study Biofuels Production #biofuels
09-Mar-20 - Heavy Fuel Engine for Australian Camcopter Drone #drones
09-Mar-20 - T901 Engine Tested on AH-64E Apache #T901
06-Mar-20 - R66 Starter Generator Overhaul #StarterGenerator
24-Feb-20 - Safran Opens New Industrial Campus in Tarnos #TurbineEngines
22-Feb-20 - AKV Engine Cycle Counters for Metro EC145 fleet #AKV
12-Feb-20 - PWC Customer Support Plan for Bells #CustomerSupport
30-Jan-20 - Safran to Support Mexican Pegaso Engines Heli-Expo 2020
30-Jan-20 - Makila Engine Testing Stand in Norway Heli-Expo 2020
29-Jan-20 - Safran to Support Portugal’ EH101 Engines Heli-Expo 2020
29-Jan-20 - Rolls-Royce Delivers 250th Engine to Enstrom Heli-Expo 2020
29-Jan-20 - Arrow Aviation Repair Center for M250 and RR300 Heli-Expo 2020
27-Dec-19 - Piaggio to Support Italian Chinook #T55
19-Dec-19 - PT6A and PW200 Service Centre in Brazil #PrattWhitney
13-Dec-19 - EASA Certification for Safran Aneto-1K in AW189K #Aneto1K
12-Dec-19 - M250 Engine MRO Services by Southwest Fuel Systems #M250
22-Nov-19 - P&WC PW207V Engine for Russian VRT500 Dubai Airshow 2019
19-Nov-19 - HSC Named Maintenance Facility for PW207K Engine Dubai Airshow 2019
09-Nov-19 - EASA Certification of Ardiden 1U for HAL LUH #Ardiden1U
06-Nov-19 - France and China Strengthen Cooperation on WZ16 #WZ16
22-Oct-19 - One Million Flight Hours for the AE 1107C Engine #Osprey
21-Oct-19 - UAVOS Test Bed for Engines #engines
11-Oct-19 - Arrius Engines Achieved 10 Million Flight Hours #Arrius
10-Oct-19 - WZ16 / Ardiden 3C Engine Certified in China #Ardiden
20-Sep-19 - ChipCHECK Auto Analysis Tested by Australia in TS19 #TalismanSabre
22-Jul-19 - Pratt & Whitney Launched “Know My PT6” #PT6
11-Jul-19 - Rolls-Royce’ Hybrid Electric Research in Germany #HybridElectric
02-Jul-19 - Black Hawk Engine Inlet Barrier Filter #BlackHawk
02-Jul-19 - Safran to Support Thailand’ Government Engines #engines
22-Jun-19 - Hybrid Electric H130 Helicopter in 2020 Paris Air Show 2019
21-Jun-19 - Airbus and Safran Team Up For Greener Vertical Flight Paris Air Show 2019
20-Jun-19 - First Ground Run of Safran Tech TP Demonstrator Paris Air Show 2019
20-Jun-19 - Add+ Engine Built Using 3D-Printed Component Paris Air Show 2019
19-Jun-19 - EASA Certification for H160’ Engine Arrano 1A Paris Air Show 2019
18-Jun-19 - Rolls-Royce Acquires Siemens’ Hybrid-Electric Business #HybridElectric
13-Jun-19 - Honeywell and DENSO Partnership Uber Elevate Summit 2019
24-May-19 - Arriel and Arrius Support Service in Russia #HeliRussia
29-Apr-19 - Russian Helicopter Engines Repair Center in Vietnam
17-Apr-19 - P&W Maintenance Facility for AW139 in China #PT6
16-Apr-19 - T55 Engines Powers the SB>1 Defiant #T55
09-Apr-19 - Korean Light Armed Helicopter (LAH) First Engine Run #LAH
07-Apr-19 - Mi-171 with VK-2500-03 Engine Certified in China #VK2500
05-Apr-19 - Corpus Christi Army Depot 10.000 Engine Overhaul #engines
26-Mar-19 - Bell 525’ CT7-2F1 Engine Receives FAA Certification #Certification
24-Mar-19 - KTS Earns Two Rolls-Royce M250 Awards Heli-Expo 2019
23-Mar-19 - Bell and Rolls-Royce Teaming for Future Aircraft #engines
17-Mar-19 - Rolls-Royce Hybrid Aero Propulsion Tests #Hybrid
08-Mar-19 - Icelandic Coast Guard Engines with Safran Support Heli-Expo 2019
08-Mar-19 - Aero Asahi Arriel Engines with Safran Support Heli-Expo 2019
08-Mar-19 - Arriel 2H Certification for Avicopter AC312E Heli-Expo 2019
08-Mar-19 - Belgian NH90 Engines with Video Assistance Service Heli-Expo 2019
06-Mar-19 - PW206B3 Engine for Navy H135 Proposal Heli-Expo 2019
05-Mar-19 - Arriel Engine Support for CHC Helicopters Heli-Expo 2019
05-Mar-19 - HQ Aviation Is RR300 Authorized Service Center Heli-Expo 2019
20-Feb-19 - Honeywell’ Hybrid-Electric Turbogenerator #Hybrid
02-Feb-19 - US Army Selects GE T901 for ITEP Program #ITEP
29-Jan-19 - Turkey Unveils Indigenous Engine #TS1400
08-Jan-19 - Safran HEPS to Power the Bell Nexus #HEPS
11-Dec-18 - Guinness for Farthest Distance by Electric Helicopter #Guinness
03-Dec-18 - Safran to Support Danish Fennec’ Arriel 1D1 Engines #Arriel
10-Nov-18 - Boeing, Safran Joint Venture for APUs #APU
22-Oct-18 - Aneto-1X to Power Airbus Racer Demonstrator Helitech 2018
27-Sep-18 - Custom RR/Allison 250 C20 C30 C47 Engines Stand #engines
03-Sep-18 - Turkey’s T625 Started Engine Ground Tests #engines
14-Aug-18 - Helipark is New P&W Maintenance Facility in Brazil #maintenance
01-Aug-18 - Tiger’ Engine MTR390 Maintenance at Bordeaux
20-Jul-18 - PA100 PUREair Engine Protection System for H125/H130
19-Jul-18 - First Ground Test of Safran’s Hybrid Electric Engine
18-Jul-18 - Osprey Engines Maintenance by StandardAero FIA 2018
06-Jul-18 - Predictive Maintenance: the “Dominno” Effect #maintenance
27-Jun-18 - Reduction in Direct Maintenance Costs for Arriel 2D #engines
19-Jun-18 - Bell and Safran Collaboration on Hybrid Propulsion #future
12-Jun-18 - EC635 PW206 Engines First Overhaul by RUAG #engines
11-Jun-18 - 300K Flight Hours for Airwork’s LTS101 Customers #services
26-Apr-18 - T700 Engines Distribution by Boeing’ Aviall
23-Apr-18 - Arriel 2H Obtains EASA Certification
20-Apr-18 - Ardiden 3C obtains EASA Certification
19-Apr-18 - Safran Signs Engines Support Contracts
16-Apr-18 - Arrius 2R in the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X
13-Apr-18 - Columbia Helicopters Supports T58 Engines
10-Apr-18 - Russian VK-2500 Engines to be Certified in China
26-Mar-18 - AAR to Continue Support Pratt & Whitney APU
21-Mar-18 - Russia to Develop Next Generation Helicopter Engine
06-Mar-18 - Tanis Heli Preheat System for R44 Heli-Expo 2018
01-Mar-18 - Sikorsky and MTU Partner for a German CH-53K
28-Feb-18 - M250 Engines Support for AMGH Bell 206L/407 Heli-Expo 2018
28-Feb-18 - Off-The-Shelf HUMS from Airbus and Safran Heli-Expo 2018
28-Feb-18 - P&WC to Support AMGH Engines Heli-Expo 2018
28-Feb-18 - Pratt & Whitney Canada to Support Era Engines Heli-Expo 2018
27-Feb-18 - NHV Signs H175 Engine Maintenance with PWC Heli-Expo 2018
27-Feb-18 - HeliDax EC120 With Safran Health Monitoring Heli-Expo 2018
27-Feb-18 - Safran Health Monitoring for ÖAMTC EC135 Heli-Expo 2018
27-Feb-18 - P&WC to Support Weststar AW139 Engines Heli-Expo 2018
26-Feb-18 - SAS’ AW169 PW210A Engines Maintenance Heli-Expo 2018
26-Feb-18 - PT6C-67D Engine for TEMSCO’s UH-1H Conversion Heli-Expo 2018
26-Feb-18 - M250-C47E Engine to Power New Bell 407GXi Heli-Expo 2018
22-Feb-18 - S.A.F.E. Structure Unveils Engine CAN All-In-One Heli-Expo 2018
18-Dec-17 - Italy Recognized Leonardo Electric Tail Rotor
13-Dec-17 - ATEC T900 Engine On Apache and Black Hawk
17-Nov-17 - GE Begins Production of T408 Engine for CH-53K
31-Oct-17 - K-MAX Powered by Honeywell T53-17 Engine
24-Oct-17 - Multiflight Becomes Safran Distributor Helitech 2017
04-Oct-17 - Babcock MCS Onshore with Safran New HUMS Helitech 2017
03-Oct-17 - Safran Unveils Aneto Engine for AW189K Helitech 2017
24-Jul-17 - Heli-One USA Celebrates 10 Years Of Arriel Service
19-Jun-17 - Ka-62’s Ardiden 3G Obtains EASA Type Certification Paris Air Show 2017
06-Jun-17 - Portable Oil Lab Q5800 at HeliOffshore Conference
19-May-17 - Vector Aerospace Becomes Arriel 2D Repair Centre
17-May-17 - Safran 7-Years Contract to Support German NH90
26-Apr-17 - Pratt & Whitney Canada in the Middle East
21-Apr-17 - EASA Approves Increased Engine Power for H145
19-Apr-17 - Aero Peace Signs Safran Support Contract Rotorcraft Asia 2017
19-Apr-17 - SkyTrac Data Assists for Sequoia Helicopters Bell 212
10-Apr-17 - Delivery of the 1,000th Arrius 2B2 for H135
08-Mar-17 - Safran By-The-Hour Support Contract for UKMFTS Heli-Expo 2017
08-Mar-17 - Safran to Support Bell Helicopter Academy’s Bell 505 Heli-Expo 2017
08-Mar-17 - Italian Customs NH500 Engines Support Heli-Expo 2017
07-Mar-17 - Vector Aerospace Authorized Service Provider for T700 Heli-Expo 2017
06-Mar-17 - Honeywell: 3900 To 4400 Deliveries Over Next 5 Years Heli-Expo 2017
02-Mar-17 - Rolls-Royce M250-C47B VIP Upgrade for Bell 407 Heli-Expo 2017
01-Mar-17 - Donaldson IBF for Robinson R66 at HeliExpo 2017 Heli-Expo 2017
15-Feb-17 - ATEC’s HPW3000 Designated T900
07-Feb-17 - LTS101 Engine Operator Costs
18-Jan-17 - Airwork to Upgrade STARS BK117 Fleet
22-Dec-16 - Héli-Union, Safran Partnership in Africa
21-Dec-16 - Level III Arriel Maintenance by Helicopteros Marinos
20-Dec-16 - Z-15 / AC352 Completes First Flight
12-Dec-16 - Safran to Support NH90 Engines
12-Dec-16 - Honeywell Brings HUMS Benefits to Brazil
01-Dec-16 - Helicopter Engine Turbine Blade Factory
24-Oct-16 - Safran Engines Support Centre in India
17-Oct-16 - Rolls-Royce 250 Engine Support by Euravia Helitech 2016
06-Oct-16 - UAE Arriel and Makila Engines Overhaul
04-Oct-16 - ATEC Engine Demo for Future Vertical Lift Program
04-Oct-16 - Heli-One Joins P&WC Service Centre Network
30-Sep-16 - Battery-Powered Helicopter Record Cruise Flight
08-Sep-16 - Safran Ardiden 1U Engine for Indian LUH
08-Sep-16 - Safran Delivers First U.S-Built Arrius 2R
23-Aug-16 - ATEC HPW3000 Engine for Black Hawk and Apache
27-Jul-16 - Safran to Support Danish EH101 Engines
12-Jul-16 - Safran and HAL Joint Venture in India FIA 2016
23-Jun-16 - Mi-38 Engine Production Started
06-Jun-16 - Safran Engines for South-Korean LCH and LAH
03-May-16 - Ka-62 Completes Takeoff with Ardiden 3G Engine
03-May-16 - US Army Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP)
03-Mar-16 - Makila 2 Engine Overhaul in Norway Heli-Expo 2016
02-Mar-16 - MDHI Agreement For M250-C47E/3 Engines Heli-Expo 2016
29-Feb-16 - Vector to Support Eagle Copters Fleet of PT6T Engines Heli-Expo 2016
29-Feb-16 - Vector 40 Years of Supporting GE T58/CT58 engines Heli-Expo 2016
16-Dec-15 - Bell 505 Arrius 2R engine Passes EASA Certification
14-Dec-15 - HAL Successful Run Indigenous 25 kN Aero Engine
10-Dec-15 - LHTEC Sign Contract for Turkish TLUH Engine
12-Nov-15 - Donaldson Engine Protection System for AW189
10-Nov-15 - High-Compression Engine for Higher-Performance
22-Oct-15 - Turbomeca Makila 2 to be Assembled in Poland
10-Sep-15 - Vector to Perform Canadian Sea King MRO Engine
29-Jun-15 - PT6 Engine Support for Petroleum Air Services
16-Jun-15 - TAI Selects LHTEC CTS800 engine for TLUH Paris Air Show 2015
11-Jun-15 - Heli-One 200th Arriel Engine Overhaul
03-Mar-15 - PW206B3 Engine Receives Key EASA Validation Heli-Expo 2015
18-Feb-15 - Airbus Helicopters selects X4 engine
13-Oct-14 - EASA gives green light to Arrius 2B2 Plus Helitech 2014
13-Oct-14 - T64-GE-419 engines to power Bell V-280 Valor
07-Jul-14 - Canadian Certification for the PW206B3 Engine PW206B3
05-May-14 - First Rotations of Bell 505 Engine Arrius 2R
25-Feb-14 - First rotation of the X4 engine Turbomeca Arrano Heli-Expo 2014
25-Feb-14 - Maverick Helicopters receives 500th Arriel 2D Engine Heli-Expo 2014
25-Feb-14 - Turbomeca introduces Makila 2B engine for EC225e Heli-Expo 2014
25-Feb-14 - Turbomeca pledges full support to new Bell 505 Heli-Expo 2014
25-Feb-14 - Turbomeca Arriel 500k flight hours with Blue Hawaiian Heli-Expo 2014
17-Jun-13 - Bell & Turbomeca together for first time
27-Aug-12 - CH-53K GE38 Turboshaft Engine Test Status
25-Apr-12 - PW210 Engine to Power Eurocopter X4
24-Apr-12 - P&WC PT6C-67E engine for the EC175 cerified
16-Mar-12 - EASA approves BK117-850D2 STC
27-Apr-11 - Turbomeca Ardiden 3g Engines for Ka-62
19-Nov-10 - Depot Delivers 400th Honeywell T-55 Engine
20-Jul-04 - PW207C Selected to Power the Agusta Grand
23-Aug-02 - PT6C-67D Receives Canada and FAA Type Certificate
08-Jun-00 - RTM322 Engines Selected for the NH90