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Second Generation Wheels for Robinsons

Helitowcart from Quebec, best known for its sturdy wheels for Robinson helicopters, is introducing its 2nd Generation to be used in the R44 and R66 models

  • This new version extends the product’s flexibility by allowing a pair to be used both inside and outside skids

    This new version extends the product’s flexibility by allowing a pair to be used both inside and outside skids

  • 2nd Generation Wheels for Robinsons
  • Second Generation Wheels for Robinsons

Helitowcart, January 09, 2017 - Saint-Nicolas (Lévis), QC, – Helitowcart, a specialist in helicopter ground handling devices and helicopter accessories has been known for over a decade for its sturdy wheels for Robinsons.

This year as part of its continuous improvement philosophy the company proceeded to review and significantly modernize its wheels. The engineering process resulted in a truly refreshed product line.

These 2nd Generation wheels still feature the practical characteristics that made the initial ones a reference in the industry. The design still ensures extra sturdiness, ease of maintenance, adjustable height and the popular pivotal skid pin that was introduced last year.

This new version extends the product’s flexibility by allowing a pair to be used both inside and outside skids to fit all Robinson versions from the early R44s to the latest R44s and R66s. The arms can also be used left or right and cranked forward or aft as preferred. This new design significantly improves efficiency and lowers operating costs by using a single set compatible to any fleet combination.

The wheel arms also feature a new attractive bright red anodization finish. The arms are now made of aviation grade aluminum for lighter weight and are designed to be removed and stored in a more compact manner to fit inside seat frames.

The company also introduced a wheel type they call Easy Roll. These are high quality solid rubber wheels that facilitate manual helicopter handling over hard surfaces. With this wheel type addition, they underlined their focus on allowing customers to choose the wheel texture & flexibility combination that best fit their particular terrain conditions. One can also select the regular pneumatic wheels for the smoothest ride over hangar rails, a wide wheel to protect delicate grass or a gel filled one to keep the bounciness but eliminate tube maintenance. This product line refashion also included a fresh update of the company’s website Wheel section for easier product selection.

About Helitowcart: Helitowcart is a manufacturing enterprise dedicated at providing helicopter ground handling equipment and helicopter accessories to significantly improve daily quality of life for pilots, mechanics and managers.

"Helitowcart enterprises" and "Vanair inc" are two officially registered names for a single company created in 1984. The Helitowcart name was added when this brand name became better known than the original company name. The Helitowcart product line was initiated in 2001. The company is a small enterprise owned & run by a father-daughter team.

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