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    Part of Denmark

    List of Helicopter Operators

    Air Greenland

    Greenland News

    14-Mar-23 - Rotortrade Delivers EC155 to Air Greenland #Greenland
    22-Dec-22 - H125 VR Simulator for Air Greenland #virtualreality
    22-Mar-22 - Air Greenland Leasing VX4 eVTOL Fleet #eVTOL
    16-Dec-20 - NHV Retires EC155 Fleet #H155
    03-Oct-19 - Two Second-Hand H225 for SAR to Air Greenland #Greenland
    28-Jan-13 - Engine Services Agreement with Air Greenland
    12-Feb-12 - Air Greenland orders the AS350 B3e
    11-Sep-11 - Air Greenland orders two EC225 for SAR missions

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