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First Transatlantic Flight by Civilian Helicopter, 31-May-17 : CHC (then Okanagan) and Sikorsky celebrated the 52nd anniversary of the first transatlantic ferry flight by a civilian helicopter, a S-61N, which was also the first unescorted crossing by helicopter

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61-472 S-61N 1969     C-FDWC: Okanagan 12mar70 as CF-DWC, reser C-FDWC, Sikorsky serial N6+
- YV-323C: Venezuela, to N302Y

Carson Helicopters N302Y: Carson Helicopters Inc from Jul06
61-266 S-61L 1966     C-FOKB: Okanagan Helicopters, Ltd
Los Angeles Airways N304V: Los Angeles Airways from 08Mar66

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-FOKB: Canadian Helicopters Ltd Dec90-Feb01

- N5368G: USA, to N266HL

- N266HL: First Security Bank Utah NA Trustee Apr94-Mar96
61-492 S-61N 1972     C-FOKM: Okanagan Helicopters 1983-1986
owner ??? CF-OKM: Canada

management aviation ltd. G-BFZC: Management Aviation 1978-1983

owner ??? N265F: Wells Fargo Bank 2002-2005

Coulson Aircrane C-FCLM: Coulson from 2005; /348

pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport
61-297 S-61N 1966     C-FOKP: Okanagan
Sikorsky Helicopters N10057: Sikorsky S-61N-24, c/n 61-297, ff?; reg Sikorsky as N10+

Thai Aviation Service HS-HTP: TAS Jun93-Mar97

Carson Helicopters N612AZ: Carson from Jun07

US Forest Service N612AZ: w/o 05aug08 serving US Forest Service was destroyed whe+
61-425 S-61L 1968     C-GJDK: Okanagan Helicopters Feb84-Dec89
New York Airways N617PA: PanAm (operated by New York Airways), test serial N6961+

pictured at New York JFK airport

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GJDK: Canadian Helicopters Dec90-Feb93

Canadian Helicopters Mar96-May99

- N425HL: HeavyLift Helicopters 1994-1995

Croman Corp N346AA: Croman Corp from Jun02, S-61 Short type; canc Jul05

w/o 02aug02 at Wendle Creek, BC. 2 fatalities
61-428 S-61L 1968     C-GJDR: Okanagan Helicopters, canc Oct89
New York Airways N620PA: PanAm, op by New York Airways from 1968; 1977 still; T+

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GJDR: Canadian Helicopters Dec90-jun92

Canadian Helicopters Mar96-Nov98

State of Utah N614RM: First Security Bank of Utah Trustee Mar94-Mar96

Coulson Aircrane C-GJDR: Coulson Aircrane Aug99-Jul07

- C-GJDR: Sunwest Helicopters at Qualicum Beach, BC Jul07-Jun11

Carson Helicopters N448JS: Carson Helicopters Jun11-May19

Helicopteres Helicarrier Inc N448JS: Helicarrier USA Inc at Wilmington, DE from May19
61-722 s61n.mk2 1974     C-GOKA: Sikorsky S-61N-41; Okanagan from 16Jun74; May77 at Reykjavik+
- N9847F: rtn to C-GOKA

Universal Helicopters C-GOKA: Universal Helicopters at Gander, Newfoundland, Canc Aug+

- N225BF: , noted at Seattle Boeing Field/King County, WA

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GARC: Canadian Helicopters Ltd Aug90-Jun93

Thai Aviation Service HS-HTC: TAS from Jun93

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GJQG: Canadian Helicopters from Jan11; pictured at Mazar, af+

at Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada
61-767 s61n.mk2 1977     C-GOKH: Okanagan from 02May77, Sikorsky serial N612EH
North Scottish Helicopters G-BHAH: Managment Aviation Ltd (North Scottish Helicopters) Oct+

- N138AR: Csc Applied Tech at West Palm Beach Apr05-Jun13

AUTEC, Apr07 at Snohomish County airport, WA

PAE Applied Technologies Llc at West Palm Beach, FL fro+
61-164 S-61N     C-GOKZ: Okanagan Helicopters; ex VH-UHK
- VH-UHK: Helicopter Utilities Pty 1970, ex N94569; 1972 to Airfa+
61-815 S-61N 1979     C-GOLH: pictured at Vancouver International airport after returning+
Carson Helicopters N4228S: Sikorsky S-61N-82, c/n 61-815, ff?; del Carson Helicopt+

- VH-PTE: reser VH-IMS, to C-GOLH


- G-BIMV: Managment Aviation Ltd Feb81-Jan83

Thai Aviation Service HS-HTA: TAS from 2001

Thai Aviation Service HS-HTH: TAS Jan97-Jul00

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GJQN: Canadian Helicopters from Jan11
61-761 S-61N 1977     C-GPOH: Okanagan, noted Aug81
ERA Helicopters N611EH: S-61N-63 d/d ERA 16feb77

- VH-IMQ: Okanagan Helicopters Australia, noted Apr80, ex VH-PTF

Irish Helicopters EI-BLY: Irish Helicopters 1986

Appeared in the film War of the Buttons, filmed in Cork+

Bristow G-BXSN: Bristow Feb98-Feb01

Air Logistics N161AL: Air Logistics Mar01

- PR-MDS: Brazil, Apr03-Jan05, to N761N

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FHCH: VIH Helicopters Dec05-Sep06, ex N761N

Cougar Helicopters C-FHCH: Cougar Sep06-Apr12

EP Aviation N803AR: EP Aviation Apr12-Mar19; conv S-61T?

Construction Helicopters Inc N803AR: Construction Helicopters Inc at Howell, MI Mar/Dec 2019

Construction Helicopters Inc N761HG: Construction Helicopters Inc at Howell, MI from Jan20
61-749 S-61N 1975     C-GROH: Okanagan Helicopters at Richmond, BC 1979-Jun86; 1983 lsd to+
Sikorsky Helicopters N6228: Sikorsky S-61N-54, to N36UT

- N36UT: to N5074L

Air Logistics N5074L: Air Logistics ?, to C-GROH

VOTEC Servicios Aereos Regionais PT-HTA: VOTEC Taxi Aereo Apr89

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GROH: Canadian Helicopters Ltd at Richmond, BC Jun90-Jan91

Brunei Shell Petroleum V8-BSP: Brunei Shell Petroleum 1991-2007 ?

Carson Helicopters N410GH: Carson Helicopters Sep07-Feb09

EP Aviation N410GH: EP Aviation Feb09-Mar19

Croman Corp N410GH: Croman from Mar19
61-823 s61n.mk2 1980     C-GROL: Sikorsky S-61N-87, c/n 61-823, ff:?; del Okanagan as C-GROL,+
61-266 S-61L 1966     CF-OKB: Okanagan Helicopters, reser C-FOKB
Los Angeles Airways N304V: Los Angeles Airways from 08Mar66

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-FOKB: Canadian Helicopters Ltd Dec90-Feb01

- N5368G: USA, to N266HL

- N266HL: First Security Bank Utah NA Trustee Apr94-Mar96
61-270 s61n.mk2 1965     CF-OKY: May 1965 First transatlantic crossing of commercial helicopt+
British Airways Helicopters G-ATFM: British Airways Helicopters 1970-1986

British International Helicopters G-ATFM: BIH 1986-1993

Newquay Helicopters Ltd (BIH) May04-Jul13

11 pictured at Falklands/Malvinas under MoD contract

BIH from Jul13

undergoing maintenance at Newquay

Brintel Helicopters G-ATFM: Brintel Jan93-May00

Veritair G-ATFM: Veritair May00-May04