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  • 1993 to 2000

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    61-269 S-61N 1965     G-ATBJ: Brintel Jan93-Sep00
    British International Helicopters G-ATBJ: BHI 12Mar65-Jan93

    pictured at North Denes airfield (NDA) Great Yarmouth,+

    heavy landing at Aberdeen, after one of the tail rotor+

    BIH from May02; Dec04 at Penzance Heliport

    in the Falkland Islands with Brintel. Working under con+

    unk. Crash landed at Marchwood docks, Southampton; Far+

    CHC Scotia G-ATBJ: CHC Scotia Sep00-May02
    61-270 s61n.mk2 1965     G-ATFM: Brintel Jan93-May00
    Okanagan Helicopters CF-OKY: Airlift International, Sikorsky serial N10052,

    First transatlantic crossing of commercial helicopter

    British Airways Helicopters G-ATFM: British Airways Helicopters 1970-1986

    British International Helicopters G-ATFM: BIH 1986-1993

    Veritair G-ATFM: Veritair May00-May04

    - G-ATFM: Newquay Helicopters Ltd at coldharbour Business Park, S+

    pictured at Falklands/Malvinas under MoD contract

    British International Helicopters G-ATFM: BIH from Jul13

    undergoing maintenance at Newquay

    op by BIH in the Falklands
    61-143 S-61N 1962     G-AYOM: Brintel Helicopters Jan93-Mar98
    Sikorsky Helicopters N4585: Sikorsky S-61N del Mitsubishi as M61-001 JA9506, rtnd +

    Details do not check with M61-001 which show it as N945+

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries JA9506: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in kit form reassembled as+

    Sikorsky Helicopters N94565: Mitsubishi S-61 M61-001

    BEA G-AYOM: BEA Helicopters from 30dec70, details whilst in the uk +

    British Airways Helicopters G-AYOM: BAH from 26jan73; 17may77 Only recorded accident: under+

    BAH noted in service at Aberdeen

    BAH again from 31jul85

    British Caledonian Helicopter G-AYOM: British Caledonian Helicopters from 13jun84 (loan), rtn+

    British International Helicopters G-AYOM: BIH from Aug85-Jan93

    Bond Aviation Group G-AYOM: Bond Helicopters Mar/Jun 1998

    CHC Ireland EI-SAR: CHC Ireland from Jun98

    being dismanteled with EI-GCE at Weston, Dublin

    seen at Seaforth Docks Liverpool, ready for shipping b+

    Irish Coast Guard EI-SAR: Irish Coast Guard 1998-2013, op by CHC

    still with Coast Guard rescue and based in Waterford, +

    10dec13 13:00hs will stand to complete its last SAR wat+
    61-476 s61n.mk2 1970     G-AYOY: Brintel Jan93-Sep00
    British Caledonian Helicopter G-AYOY: BCH Jun84-Jul85

    British International Helicopters G-AYOY: BIH Jul85-Jan93; 05nov90 during an inspection starboar+

    BIH May04-Sep11

    pictured (pic1) G-AYOY on the ramp at Beecles looking v+

    CHC Scotia G-AYOY: CHC Scotia Sep00-Nov02

    Veritair G-AYOY: Veritair Nov02-May04

    Carson Helicopters N457ES: Carson Oct11

    US Department of State N476AW: US State Dept Mar12-Jan16

    EP Aviation N476AW: EP Aviation Jan16-Dec17

    Coulson Aircrane N476AW: Coulson Aviation (usa) Inc at Portland, OR from Jan18
    61-711 s61n.mk2 1973     G-BBUD: Brintel Jun93-Oct95
    British Airways Helicopters G-BBUD: BAH Dec73-1986

    British International Helicopters G-BBUD: BIH 1986-Jun93

    Helijet International C-GHJU: Helijet, noted 2000-2005

    - N29111: Nov95

    - YV-1032C: Venezuela, rtn to C-GHJU

    Construction Helicopters Inc N905CH: Construction Helicopters Inc at Ypsilanti, MI from Jul0+

    Jul15 seen with CHI At Caldwell, NJ
    61-721 s61n.mk2 1974     G-BCEA: Brintel Jan93-May00
    British International Helicopters G-BCEA: BIH Jun74-Jan93

    Registered 7 Jun 1974. Suffered repeated hammering vibr+

    Bristih International May04-Nov11

    Veritair G-BCEA: Veritair May00-May04

    US Department of State N721AW: US Dept State Jul12-Dec15

    Brown Helicopter Inc N721AW: BHI from Jan16
    61-454 S-61L 1972     G-BCEB: Brintel Jan93-May00
    Sikorsky Helicopters N4023S: Sikorsky S-61L, c/n 61-454, ff?; del US as N4023S, unk;+

    British International Helicopters G-BCEB: BIH Oct74-Jan93

    BIH May00-Mar13

    seen flying from Penzance

    Normally based in Penzance. At Plymouth December 2004. +

    pictured (pic2) at Penzance Heliport

    has not been at Penzance for aprox two years company no+

    Croman Corp N618CK: Croman Corp from Apr13

    delivering four heavy loads to the top of a new tower i+
    61-755 s61n.mk2 1976     G-BDKI: Brintel Feb93-Dec94
    British Airways Helicopters G-BDKI: BAH Jan76-Mar86

    - : France unk Apr87-Feb90

    - N9118Y: 1990-1991, unk

    British International Helicopters G-BDKI: BIH Mar91-Feb93

    Helicopter Transport Services N219AC: Helicopter Transport Services Feb97-Oct09

    Helicopter Transport Services Canada C-GHTN: Helicopter Transport Services Canada Oct09-Oct11

    VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GHTN: VIH Helicopters Oct11-Aug13

    pictured at Langley Regional airport, Langley, BC.

    Helicopter Transport Services Canada C-GHTN: Helicopter Transport Services Ontario Canada Aug13-Oct+

    AAR Corp N762HT: US Leaseco Inc at Aurora, OR from Oct15

    HTSI contract to AAR for training at Yuma by
    61-754 s61n.mk2 1976     G-BEDI: Brintel Feb93-Jul98
    British Airways Helicopters G-BEDI: Sikorsky S-61N-59, test serial N4043S; BAH Oct76-Dec85

    - : France as Unknown Jan86-Feb90

    British International Helicopters G-BEDI: BIH Mar90-Feb93

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GSBL: CHC Jul98-Jun07

    Carson Helicopters N617HM: Carson Jul07-Jun11

    US Department of State N617HM: State Dept Jul11-Jan14?

    Carson Helicopters N754WN: Carson Jul12?-Oct18

    - N754WN: Robinson Air Crane Llc at Miami, FL Oct18-Jan20

    TVPX N754WN: TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+
    61-222 S-61N 1964     G-BEIC: Brintel leasing Jan93-May94; Brintel Helicopters May94-Aug00+
    New York Airways N307Y: Sikorsky S-61N-3; New York Airways, Sikorsky serial N30+

    State of California N307Y: SFO Airlines 196?-1971; San Francisco Oakland Airlines

    British International Helicopters G-BEIC: BIH Dec76-Jan93

    CHC Scotia G-BEIC: CHC Scotia Aug00-Nov01

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GROV: CHC Nov01-Jan02

    CHC Sep/Dec 2003, again Feb04-Jan06

    - YV-1033C: Venezuela Feb02-Aug03, lsd CHC

    Helijet International C-GBSF: Executive Transport Airways Ltd Jan06-Jun08; Helijet in+

    Coulson Aircrane C-GBSF: Coulson Apr10-May12

    EP Aviation N804AR: EP Aviation Jun12-Apr19; conv to S-61T ?


    Croman Corp N804AR: Croman Corp at White City, OR from Apr19
    61-771 s61n.mk2 1977     G-BEOO: Brintel Leasing Ltd / BIH at Aberdeen Jan93-May94; Brintel H+
    British Airways Helicopters G-BEOO: BAH Aug77-1986

    British International Helicopters G-BEOO: BIH 1986-Jan93

    - N261F: Pacific Helicopters Services Llc at Kahului, HI

    EP Aviation N261F: EP Aviation Llc at Wood Dale, IL Jun10-Aug12; Cyair Llc+

    Rotor Maxx Support C-FRMH: Rotor Maxx Support Ltd at Parksville, BC from Mar19
    61-772 s61n.mk2 1977     G-BEWM: Brintel Jan93-Dec99
    British Airways Helicopters G-BEWM: British Airways Sep77-1986

    British International Helicopters G-BEWM: BIH 1986-Jan93

    at Schipol Amsterdam in basic British International li+

    CHC South Africa ZS-RLK: CHC Africa from 2000

    EP Aviation N408UD: EP Aviation 2010-Jan19

    2012 in Afghanistan

    Croman Corp N408UD: Croman Corp from Feb19; flown from Melbourne, FL to Wh+
    61-777 s61n.mk2 1978     G-BFFJ: Brintel Jan93-May00
    British Airways Helicopters G-BFFJ: BAH Jan78-Mar86

    British International Helicopters G-BFFJ: BIH 1986-1993; 11may89 involved in a ground accident at+

    BIH May00-Jul13: pictured (pic1) at Penzance

    at Dunsfold as USMC VH-3 for movie The Special Rela+

    16apr10 pictured (pic2) off the coast of Scotland on US+

    Sep12 will no loger be flying fro Penzance, company pul+

    - G-BFFJ: Newquay Helicopters Ltd Jul13-May14; to Canada as unk

    VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FLRM: Vancouver Island Helicopters; at Victoria Intl

    Rotor Maxx Support C-FLRM: Rotor Maxx Support (RMS) at Parksville, BC May17-May18,+

    TVPX N904CH: TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+
    61-778 s61n.mk2 1978     G-BFFK: Brintel Jan94-Dec99
    British Airways Helicopters G-BFFK: Sikorsky S-61N-75; British Airways Helicopters 24Feb78-+

    British International Helicopters G-BFFK: BIH 1986-Jan93; Jan93-May94 c/o Brintel

    pictured (pic4) G-BFFK on the ramp at Beecles looking v+

    CHC South Africa ZS-RLL: CHC South Africa 2000; Aug13 still; Jul15 on sale 31527+

    Titan Helicopter Group ZS-RLL: Titan, 2017 ?; pictured (pic1) (pic2)

    Feb15 sold Sikorsky S61N 1978; excellent utility helic+