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ConocoPhillips Recognized Bristow Norway

World’s largest independent exploration & production (E&P) company ConocoPhillips honored eight companies with its 2016 Supplier Recognition Award program.

World’s largest independent exploration & production (E&P) company ConocoPhillips honored eight companies with its 2016 Supplier Recognition Award program.

ConocoPhillips, April 17, 2017 - HOUSTON – ConocoPhillips today announced the winners of its 2016 Supplier Recognition Award program.

The eight recipient companies were honored for exhibiting exceptional leadership that celebrates our SPIRIT Values.

Awards were given in two areas: focus on execution and doing business better.

Business unit leadership around the world generated nominations internally with winners chosen by a global cross-functional committee, including senior management.

“2016 was another difficult year for the industry, and the strength of this year’s nominations highlights the invaluable role suppliers play in helping us safely deliver on our goals despite a challenging cost environment,” said Al Hirshberg, executive vice president, Production, Drilling & Projects. “These suppliers demonstrated differential performance by being flexible and adaptable or helping us improve the way we do business by developing fit-for-purpose solutions. This program is a great opportunity to recognize their commitment and innovation.”

The 2016 award recipients are:

• Focus on Execution: Bristow Norway AS/Bristow Helicopters Ltd.
• Focus on Execution: North Cariboo Air
• Focus on Execution: PT. Ulima Nitra
• Focus on Execution: UGL Limited
• Doing Business Better: Clough Amec Pty Ltd.
• Doing Business Better: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.
• Doing Business Better: MMA Offshore Ltd.
• Doing Business Better: WorleyParsons Canada Services Ltd. (WorleyParsons Group)

In April 2016, a helicopter crash in Norway resulted in the immediate and indefinite grounding of roughly 40 percent of North Sea airframes, posing a business-critical risk to ConocoPhillips’ operations in the U.K. and Norway. Bristow Norway AS/Bristow Helicopters Ltd.’s exceptional response and subsequent efforts to mitigate operational impact and risk, which included sourcing and repositioning aircraft, making them available at the earliest opportunity and implementing an immediate aircrew retraining and qualification program, allowed ConocoPhillips to achieve minimum business interruption.

During the 2016 Fort McMurray Wildfires, North Cariboo Air provided air charter transport support and air terminal facility usage for 800 evacuees of Surmont and the surrounding area on short notice in the middle of the night. Their terminal was used as staging/muster point, a key component of ensuring the safety and comfort of the affected staff and contractors. In addition to their support during a crisis, they safely transported more than 300,000 passengers to and from the Surmont project.

In addition to delivering excellent performance in the areas of safety, responsibility and flexibility, PT. Ulima Nitra was instrumental in helping ConocoPhillips Indonesia appoint a dedicated team of locals to identify and mitigate illegal pipeline tapping. This team was available for deployment every day, and in addition to instilling a sense of pride and responsibility in the community to ensure safe operations and a clean environment, hydrocarbons spills were significantly reduced from 2015 to 2016 (92 percent and 65 percent reduction for spills less than 1 barrel and more than 1 barrel, respectively).

UGL Limited (UGL) collaborated with the Australia East business unit to use an existing maintenance contract to support the startup of the Australia Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas (APLNG) Train 2. During the startup, UGL ramped up their team from 53 people to 68 (with an additional 120 people for strainer shutdown) in a very short time frame with a high-quality workforce. This contributed to a 33 percent cut in schedule for startup. They proactively embraced ConocoPhillips’ health, safety and environment initiatives, including verification of the 8 Life Saving Rules, and pioneered the adoption of ISNET World contract management system.

Upon receiving the Bayu-Undan operations and maintenance contract in January 2016, incumbent contractor Clough Amec Pty Ltd. restructured their labor contracts, rationalized labor agencies and reviewed direct employment of personnel, resulting in significant savings. They also enhanced the training and development of local Timorese workers, leading to productivity improvements and an increase in the overall percentage of Timorese personnel in the workforce.

Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.’s openness to a new commercial model in Alaska and willingness to collaborate to ensure proper implementation led to the successful delivery of 14 wells with vastly improved performance. This effort allowed ConocoPhillips to mitigate inefficiencies, high costs and a difficult invoicing process associated with the previous commercial model.

MMA Offshore Ltd. collaborated with the Australia West business unit to develop a dual-function vessel that could supply goods and services to perform static tow work. To ensure the dual-function vessel would be successful, MMA also developed a sustainable officer training schedule and new ship handling techniques. In addition to achieving significant cost savings, this effort led to fewer vessels in the field and a reduction of five million liters of fuel consumption.

WorleyParsons Canada Services Ltd. (WorleyParsons Group) was hired by ConocoPhillips Canada to help execute a wellpad manufacturing program that would drive down costs for future wellpads at the Surmont project. WorleyParsons consistently challenged the status quo, ultimately delivering a fit-for- purpose design well below the targeted cost. Their full integration into the project team supported open communication and transparency throughout the project, reducing review cycles and encouraging collaborative decision making.

About ConocoPhillips: (NYSE: COP) ConocoPhillips is the world’s largest independent E&P company based on production and proved reserves. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ConocoPhillips had operations and activities in 17 countries, $90 billion of total assets, and approximately 13,300 employees as of Dec. 31, 2016. Production excluding Libya averaged 1,567 MBOED in 2016, and proved reserves were 6.4 billion BOE as of Dec. 31, 2016.

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