Navy Main Yard

Horten , Vestfold

norway Norway

Satellite and aerial maps of Navy Main Yard with nearby locations

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Rygge , Ostfold 18.7107ENRY
Sandefjord Airport Torp , Vestfold 29.0204ENTF
Torp , Vestfold 29.8205ENTO
Drammen , Buskerud 39.0335ENDH
Oslo Fornebu , Akershus 52.6007ENFB
Skien , 58.6242ENSN

  Navy Main Yard

59° 25' 43'' N     10° 29' 0'' E
Karljohansvern, Horten, Vestfold

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List of ships built at Navy Main Yard

1966Frigate Oslo class
1978Support Ship Horten class
1981Coast Guards Nordkapp class

1964-jan-17NO F300 KNM Oslo Oslo class
1964-sep-4NO F302 KNM Trondheim Oslo class
1965-jan-8NO F304 KNM Narvik Oslo class
1965-aug-23NO F301 KNM Bergen Oslo class
1966-feb-4NO F303 KNM Stavanger Oslo class
1977-aug-12NO A530 KNM Horten Horten class
1980-mar-16NO W321 KV Senja Nordkapp class

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