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Airbus EC135/H135
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Minnesota New Air Ambulance Helicopters

Minnesota New Air Ambulance Helicopters

17-Mar-22 - Minnesota North Memorial Health ordered 2 new Airbus H135 for Air Care, its air ambulance service. Air Care currently operates a fleet of Leonardo AW109 helicopters #H135
STAT MedEvac Orders 10 new H135 Helicopters

STAT MedEvac Orders 10 new H135 Helicopters

09-Mar-22 - Pennsylvania air ambulance operator STAT MedEvac ordered 10 Airbus H135 / EC135P3 helicopters during HeliExpo 2022 as part of its fleet renewal program #H135
Airbus Contract for NASA H135 Support

Airbus Contract for NASA H135 Support

18-Sep-20 - Airbus Helicopters USA awarded $15M contract by NASA for HCare Infinite full-availability support solution for the new 3 new H135 helicopters during 2 years (plus 8-year option) #H135
H135 at the US Navy Fleet Fly-In Event

H135 at the US Navy Fleet Fly-In Event

20-Oct-18 - Airbus to feature H135 for US Navy future training helicopter program at the Naval Helicopter Association’s Fleet Fly-in at Naval Air Station Whiting Field in Pensacola, FL, October 22-26 #NavyFlyin
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List of Aircraft

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org
2114 ec135p3 2021 N102AH Airbus Mar21, test serial D-HCBF, on display at Heli-Expo 2022
Med Trans Corp N910MT: Med Trans from May22
State of Texas N910MT: Kite Flight Covenant's Children helicopter, op by Med-...
Paraclete gear
1167 EC135P2+ 2014 N105AH Airbus Helicopters Aug15
Med Trans Corp N166MT: Med-Trans Corp from Jan16
State of Maryland N166MT: Johns Hopkins Lifeline at Baltimore, MD, op by Med-Tran...
Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital LifeLine at St Pe...
2103 ec135p3 N117AH Airbus Apr20
2163 ec135p3 N124AH Airbus Nov21, test serial D-HCBC
State of California N124AH: REACH Air Medical Services for Sonoma County Fire Distr...
Sonoma County Fire District, op by REACH; Sonoma Count...
2164 ec135p3 2021 N131AH Airbus Nov21, test serial D-HCBH
State of California N326RX: Reach Air Medical from Jan23 for Contra Costa Fire EMS
Contra Costa Fire EMS, op by REACH, pictured
2080 ec135p3 N135HX pictured as US Navy TH-XX proposal
- XA-VEI: Mexico private from Mar20

1148 EC135P2+ 2014 N148MT Airbus Helicopters Apr14, test serials D-HECT, D-HECV
State of California N316RX: Suntrust Equipment Finance & Leasing Corp from Nov14; R...
as /REACH17 pictured (pic2) at homebase Mather, CA
1199 EC135P2+ 2015 N159MT Airbus Helicopters from Nov15
Med Trans Corp N159MT: Med Trans from Apr16
State of Michigan N159MT: St. Mary s FlightCare from Jul16, op by Med-Trans; 20ju...
2170 ec135p3 2022 N195AH Airbus, test serial D-HCBP
Med Trans Corp N195AH: Med-trans Corp at Denton, TX from Sep22
State of Wisconsin N240HY: Aspirus MedEvac Dec22, op by Med-trans
2204 ec135p3 2023 N232AH Airbus Feb23, test serial D-HCBM
Med Trans Corp N232AH: Med-Trans Corp from Apr23
State of Texas N232AH: St. Joseph Health AirMed 12, op by Med-Trans / GMR, pic...
1153 EC135P2+ 2014 N253MT Airbus Helicopters Apr14, test serial D-HCBG
Med Trans Corp N253MT: Cole Taylor Equipment Finance Llc at Towson, MD from De...
State of Louisiana N253MT: Ochsner Flight Care 2015, op by Med Trans, pictured (pi...

Mississippi Air Rescue
State of New York N253MT: Operated by MedTrans for SkyHealth, a Northwell Health ...
pictured (pic2) On approach to KBDR with new SkyHealth ...
pictured (pic3)
2109 ec135p3 2019 N301MF Airbus 30jan20, test serial D-HCBC
State of Iowa N301MF: Quad City Helicopter Emergency Medical Service from Aug...
Bettendorf, Iowa
2120 ec135p3 2019 N305MF Airbus Apr20, test serial D-HCBO
State of Iowa N305MF: Quad City Helicopter Emergency Medical Service from ?, ...
1203 EC135P2+ 2015 N318RX Airbus from Jan16, test serial D-HECU
State of California N318RX: Reach Air Medical from Jul16
1213 EC135P2+ 2016 N324AH Airbus May/Dec 2016
State of California N893CS: Wells Fargo Bank from Apr17 CALSTAR /12;
asg Sutter Health, Critical Care Network, pictured
Sutter Health Critical Care Network

Air Evac Lifeteam N893CS: Air Evac Lifeteam new base in London, Kentucky, picture...

1215 EC135P2+ 2016 N325AH Airbus Jun16, test serial D-HECH
State of California N321RX: East West Bank at Alpharetta, GA from Jun17; Reach Air ...
Morongo Tribal Fire Dept from Mar23, op by REACH, pictu...
1230 ec135p3 2016 N358AH Airbus Dec16, test serial D-HCBE
State of California N322RX: Cit Bank NA at Livingston, NJ from May18; Reach Air Med...
2191 ec135p3 2022 N363AH Airbus Oct22, test serial D-HCBN
State of North Carolina N363AH: Atrium, replaced N436CM
2193 ec135p3 2022 N423NM Airbus Oct22
State of Minnesota N423NM: North Memorial Health Care at Robbinsdale, MN from Jun2...
1249 ec135p3 2017 N435AH Airbus Jun17, test serial D-HCBK
Med Trans Corp N577MT: Bank of Utah Trustee from Nov18; Med Trans
State of Texas N577MT: NWTX Lifestar at Amarillo, Texas from Jan19. Op by Med...
1245 EC135P2+ 2016 N436AH Airbus Jun17
Metro Aviation N436AH: Metro Aviation from Feb19
State of Wisconsin N124UW: UW Health Med Flight, op by Metro Aviation Jun19

first all-female flight crew for UW Med Flight
- N835DH: Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital at Lebanon, NH

2127 ec135t3 2020 N442NA Airbus Aug20, test serial D-HECG
2013 ec135p3 2017 N466AH Airbus Dec17-Sep18, test serial D-HECP; US Navy trainer livery; pictured
- N466AH: Air Assets Leasing Llc at Bisbee, AZ Sep18-Mar19
African Parks Aviation Inc Trustee at Cheyenne, WY from...
2068 ec135p3 2018 N499AH Airbus Oct18-Nov20
1257 ec135p3 2017 N512AH Airbus Oct18, test serial D-HTSA
State of California N323RX: CIT Bank NA at Livingston, NJ from May19; Reach Air Med...
Nov19 as /REACH8 based at Roseburg, OR
pictured (pic1) at Roseburg Regional Airport in Oregon.

Medford, OR
2020 ec135t3 2017 N520ME Airbus Helicopters Dec17, test serial D-HECA
State of Pennsylvania N520ME: Center for Emergency Medicine of Western PA at West Mif...
pictured (pic1) is based in Cranberry PA Location Alleg...
Presby Hospital pgh, Pittsburgh, PA
1274 ec135p3 2018 N530AH Airbus Mar19
State of California N324RX: Reach Air Medical Services Llc at Santa Rosa, CA from J...
Contra Costa County Fire Rescue, op by Reach; pictured ...

2030 ec135t3 2017 N530ME Airbus Helicopters Dec17, test serial D-HECN
State of Pennsylvania N530ME: N530ME Center for Emergency Medicine of Western PA Inc....
2133 ec135t3 2020 N533ME Airbus Oct20
State of Pennsylvania N533ME: Center For Emergency Medicine Of Western Pennsylvania a...
pictured (pic1) is based in Clarion PA Location Alleghe...
2134 ec135t3 2020 N534ME Airbus Nov20, test serial D-HCBI
State of Pennsylvania N534ME: Center For Emergency Medicine Of Western Pennsylvania a...
pictured (pic1) is based in Youngstown OH Location Alle...
2036 ec135t3 2017 N536ME Airbus Helicopters from Dec17
Metro Aviation N536ME: Metro Aviation medical interior Jun19, pictured for ST...
State of Pennsylvania N536ME: Center For Emergency Medicine Of Western Pa at West Mif...
2136 ec135t3 2020 N537ME Airbus Nov20
State of Pennsylvania N537ME: Center For Emergency Medicine Of Western Pennsylvania a...
pictured (pic1) is based in Kittanning PA Location All...
2052 ec135p3 2018 N539AH Airbus Jan19
Med Trans Corp N531MT: Med Trans by Oct19
State of Missouri N531MT: University of Missouri Health; MU Health Care /Air Med ...
1253 EC135P2+ 2017 N556MT Airbus Helicopters Jun17
Med Trans Corp N556MT: Med Trans from Oct17
State of North Carolina N556MT: Novant Health, op by Med-Trans; Med-Flight, pictured (p...
op by Med-Trans
2092 ec135p3 2019 N587AH Airbus Jul19
Med Trans Corp N535MT: Med Trans from May20

2189 ec135t3 2022 N589ME Airbus Nov22, test serial D-HCBM
2190 ec135t3 2022 N590ME Airbus Nov22, test serial D-HCBD
2073 ec135t3 2019 N599AH Airbus USA Sep19, test serial D-HCBF
National Aeronautics and Space Administration N425NA: NASA Kennedy Space Center from Oct20, pictured
pictured (pic2) at KSC on arrival of the SpaceX Crew-1 ...
2081 ec135t3 2019 N606AH Airbus USA Sep19
National Aeronautics and Space Administration N435NA: NASA Kennedy Space Center from Oct20, pictured
1224 ec135p3 2016 N730MT Airbus Helicopters Dec16, test serial D-HECX
Med Trans Corp N730MT: Med Trans Corp from Jan17
State of Louisiana N730MT: Ochsner Flight Care Rescue 1 at New Orleans, Louisiana...
State of Virginia N730MT:

16:45-1700 hs, St Mary's Bon Secours, Air Medical Serv...
1201 EC135T2+ 2015 N811ME Airbus Helicopters from Nov15
State of Pennsylvania N811ME: Center for Emergency Emergency Medicine of Western PA f...
2150 ec135t3 2021 N822PP Airbus USA Jul21, test serial D-HCBH
State of Massachusetts N822PP:
1205 EC135T2+ 2015 N855ME Airbus Helicopters Dec15, test serial D-HECB
State of Pennsylvania N855ME: Center for Emergency Emergency Medicine of Western PA a...
01:15 AM had a bird strike
1181 ec135p3 2015 N890CS Airbus Helicopters Oct15, test serial D-HCBO
State of California N890CS: CALSTAR from Dec15, customized by Metro Aviation
Mar19 pictured as /CALSTAR 6 at Sierra-at-Tahoe
1195 ec135p3 2015 N891CS Airbus Helicopters Nov15, test serial D-HCBC
State of California N891CS: CALSTAR Dec15-Mar18, customized by Metro Aviation
REACH Air Medical from Mar18
Sutter Health Critical Care Network, pictured
1222 ec135p3 2016 N892CS Airbus Helicopters May16, test serial D-HECV
State of California N892CS: CALSTAR Air Medical Services from Jan17

1223 ec135p3 2016 N893CS Airbus Helicopters Jun16
State of California N319RX: Reach Air Medical from Jan17
May18 pictured as /REACH3 in Oakland, CA
2105 ec135t3 2019 N911CB Airbus Feb20, test serial D-HECH
Metro Aviation N911CB: completed by Metro Aviation for Collier County MedFligh...
State of Florida N911CB: Collier County EMS Medflight, pictured

    No longer with this org.

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