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  • Airbus Helicopters EC135/H135

    Derived from Eurocopter EC135

    Airbus Helicopters EC135/H135

    Airbus production. For airframes built before January 1st, 2014 please see Eurocopter EC135

    From February 2015, the new T3/P3 which can be noticed for the missing end plates on the horizontal stabilizers, are known as H135. Military armed variants EC635P3 / EC635T3 to be known as H135M.

    From May 2016, T3/P3 with c/n starting in 2000 includes avionics suite Helionix

    On 2019, with 1284 of them in service worldwide, the EC135/EC635/H135 family celebrated 5 million flight hours since its introduction in 1996.

    As of December 2021, there are about 1,350 EC135/H135 operated by 300 operators in 64 countries. The fleet has accumulated 6 million flight hours.

    Derivatives & Versions

    EC135P2+ 2014 Aircraft built before 2014 listed as Eurocopter
    EC135T2+ 2014
    H135 / EC135P3 2014 Powered by Pratt and Whitney Canada PW206B3 engines. First announced at Heli-Expo 2013 Las Vegas. Starting c/n 2000 are equipped with Helionix av ...
    H135 / EC135T3 2014 Powered by Safran Arrius 2B2Plus engines. Starting c/n 2000 are equipped with Helionix avionics suite (T3H type) Notice missing endplate ...
    ACH135 2018 The ACH135 is the VVIP variant of the H135 / EC135P3/T3 customized by Airbus Corporate Helicopters with customer specific needs

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