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10,000 Flight Hours for Australian EC135 Trainers, 02-Dec-19 : #FlightHours Royal Australian Navy 723 Squadron training helicopters achieved 10,000 flight hours since reception in 2015. The milestone was logged during firefighting missions for NSW Bushfires from RAAF Base Williamtown

Australia’ Helicopter Training System Achieved IOC, 16-May-19 : #HATS Australia’s military Helicopter Aircrew Training System (HATS) provided by Boeing and Thales achieved initial operating capability (IOC) for future helicopter pilots, aircrew and aviation warfare officers

GVH Hoist Light for Australian EC135 Trainer, 11-Jul-18 : #accessories GVH Aerospace selected to design, manufacture and supply a hoist light for Australian Trainer EC135T2+. The hoist light illuminates the area directly under the helicopter

Entrol Certified its First EC135T2+ Level 2 Simulator, 21-Sep-17 : Entrol H135 / EC135T2+ first FTD Level 2 simulator, in use by the Héli-Union Training Center (HUTC), has been certified.

HATS Training Simulator at Nowra, 04-Jul-17 : #HATS Australia’ Joint Helicopter School at HMAS Albatross in Nowra, NSW features a state-of-the-art new training simulator for future navy and army pilots under the Helicopter Aircrew Training System (HATS) program

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List of Operators of Airbus Helicopters EC135T2+

From Organisation with model EC135T2+
canada Airbus Helicopters Canada
    ec135 2014/   
canada Blackcomb Helicopters
    ec135 1 2014/   
germany Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH
    ec135 2014/   
usa State of Massachusetts
    ec135 2014/   
australia Fleet Air Arm (RAN)
    15 2015/   
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1150 MY 9M-SSH : Hexasonic
1154 2014 DE D-HCBH : Airbus Helicopters Germany
CA C-GBAI : Airbus Helicopters Canada May/Jun 2014
CA C-GBAI : Blackcomb Helicopters from Jun14
1163 MY 9M-SCB : APL
1166 2014 US N823JM : MSP Massachusetts State Police from Jul14
1171 ES HE.26-26/10025 : EC135 ET-190?, test serial D-HCBA
1172 RO 347 : SMURD / Ministry of Health YR-MAI, test serial D-HCBB;+
1173 2014 DE D-HCBC : Airbus Helicopters
DK OY-HJG : Uni-Fly A/S, test serial D-HCBC
Uni-Fly A/S Stop at Texel
1174 ES HE.26-27-10026 : EC135 ET-191 CEFAMET 2015
1179 2015 DE D-HECG : Airbus Helicopter Germany f/f
Jul15 Airbus Helicopter Germany Factory Acceptance
AU VH-AQG : Airbus, to N52-001
AU N52-001 : RAN /841 from Sep16; first service flight from HMAS Al+
1196 2015 UK G-GLAA : Airbus Helicopters UK from Sep15; pictured at London +
UK G-GLAA : PLM Dollar Group Ltd / PDG Helicopters from Nov15
1201 2015 US N811ME : Airbus Helicopters from Nov15
US N811ME : Center for Emergency Emergency Medicine of Western PA f+
1205 2015 US N855ME : Airbus Helicopters Dec15, test serial D-HECB
US N855ME : Center for Emergency Emergency Medicine of Western PA a+
06mar18 1:15AM had a bird strike
1211 2016 DE D-HECJ : Manufacturers test serial; to Australia for Navy
AU VH-ACY : Airbus, test serial D-HECJ
AU N52-002 : RAN /842 Jan16, pictured
1212 AU VH-ARL : Airbus, test serial D-HECK
AU N52-003 : RAN /843
1214 AU N52-004 : RAN /844, test serial D-HECF
Spotted at Wagga Wagga Airport
1217 AU N52-005 : RAN /845, test serial D-HECO
1218 AU N52-006 : RAN /846, test serial D-HECP
1226 AU N52-007 : RAN /847, test serial D-HCBA
1229 AU N52-008 : RAN /848, test serial D-HCBD
1232 AU N52-009 : RAN /849, test serial D-HECB
1234 AU N52-010 : RAN /850, test serial D-HECG
1237 AU N52-011 : RAN /851, test serial D-HECK
1239 AU N52-012 : RAN /852, test serial D-HECN
1240 AU N52-013 : RAN /853, test serial D-HECR
1242 AU N52-014 : RAN /854, test serial D-HECP; Army titles
pictured op by Joint Helicopter Aircrew Training Schoo+
1243 AU N52-015 : RAN /855, test serial D-HECQ
26 C/N.