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GVH Hoist Light for Australian EC135 Trainer, 11-Jul-18 : #accessories GVH Aerospace selected to design, manufacture and supply a hoist light for Australian Trainer EC135T2+. The hoist light illuminates the area directly under the helicopter

Entrol Certified its First EC135T2+ Level 2 Simulator, 21-Sep-17 : Entrol H135 / EC135T2+ first FTD Level 2 simulator, in use by the Héli-Union Training Center (HUTC), has been certified.

Delivery of the 1,000th Arrius 2B2 for H135, 10-Apr-17 : Safran Helicopter Engines (ex Turbomeca) has recently delivered the 1000th Arrius 2B2 to Airbus Helicopters to power its H135

Australian HATS EC135T2+ Final Delivery, 22-Nov-16 : Last six, of 15, Airbus Germany EC135T2+ for the Australian Helicopter Aircrew Training System (HATS). Chosen by Boeing Defence Australia for joint Navy/Army training.

Factory Acceptance for First Australian EC135 HATS, 27-Jul-15 : Airbus Helicopters has achieved Factory Acceptance of HATS01, the first of 15 EC135T2+ helicopters for the Helicopter Aircrew Training System (HATS) for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

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List of Operators of Airbus Helicopters EC135T2+

From Organisation with model EC135T2+
canada Airbus Helicopters Canada
    ec135 2014/   
canada Blackcomb Helicopters
    ec135 1 2014/   
germany Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH
    ec135 2014/   
usa State of Massachusetts
    ec135 2014/   
australia Fleet Air Arm (RAN)
    15 2015/   
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1150 MY 9M-SSH : Hexasonic
1154 2014 DE D-HCBH : Airbus Helicopters Germany
CA C-GBAI : Airbus Helicopters Canada May/Jun 2014
CA C-GBAI : Blackcomb Helicopters from Jun14
1163 MY 9M-SCB : APL
1166 2014 US N823JM : MSP Massachusetts State Police from Jul14
1171 ES HE.26-26/10025 : ET-190?, test serial D-HCBA
1172 RO 347 : SMURD / Ministry of Health YR-MAI, test serial D-HCBB;+
1173 2014 DK OY-HJG : Uni-Fly A/S, test serial D-HCBC
1174 ES HE.26-27-10026 : ET-191 CEFAMET 2015
1179 2015 DE D-HECG : Airbus Helicopter Germany f/f 16jan15
Jul15 Airbus Helicopter Germany Factory Acceptance
AU VH-AQG : Airbus, to N52-001
AU N52-001 : RAN /841 from Sep16; 22sep16 first service flight from +
1196 2015 UK G-GLAA : Airbus Helicopters UK from Sep15; 07oct15 pictured at +
UK : PDG Helicopters o/o
1201 2015 US N811ME : Airbus Helicopters from Nov15
US N811ME : Center for Emergency Emergency Medicine of Western PA f+
1205 2015 US N855ME : Airbus Helicopters Dec15, test serial D-HECB
US N855ME : Center for Emergency Emergency Medicine of Western PA a+
06mar18 1:15AM had a bird strike
1211 2016 DE D-HECJ : Manufacturers test serial; to Australia for Navy
AU VH-ACY : Airbus, test serial D-HECJ
AU N52-002 : RAN /842 Jan16
1212 AU VH-ARL : Airbus, test serial D-HECK
AU N52-003 : RAN /843
1214 AU N52-004 : RAN /844, test serial D-HECF
Spotted at Wagga Wagga Airport
1217 AU N52-005 : RAN /845, test serial D-HECO
1218 AU N52-006 : RAN /846, test serial D-HECP
1226 AU N52-007 : RAN /847, test serial D-HCBA
1229 AU N52-008 : RAN /848, test serial D-HCBD
1232 AU N52-009 : RAN /849, test serial D-HECB
1234 AU N52-010 : RAN /850, test serial D-HECG
1237 AU N52-011 : RAN /851, test serial D-HECK
1239 AU N52-012 : RAN /852, test serial D-HECN
1240 AU N52-013 : RAN /853, test serial D-HECR
1242 AU N52-014 : RAN /854, test serial D-HECP; Army titles
05sep18 pictured op by Joint Helicopter Aircrew Trainin+
1243 AU N52-015 : RAN /855, test serial D-HECQ
26 C/N.