Bell CH-135 Twin Huey

This model is a version of 212

c/n 32031

Helicopter Bell CH-135 Twin Huey Serial 32031 Register 135131 EJC-210 EJC-4210 PNC-5011 used by Canadian Armed Forces Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia (Colombian Army Aviation) Policia Nacional de Colombia (Colombian National Police). Aircraft history and location


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canada 135131
Canadian Armed Forces
BuNo 70-15680. to Colombian Army as EJC-210/CN-08
colombia EJC-210
Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia
Av.Ej CN-08. ex Canada 135131. to colombia police as PNC-5011
colombia PNC-5011
Policia Nacional de Colombia
Policia CN-08. ex canada 135131. ex colombian army EJC-210
colombia EJC-4210
Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia
May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida

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