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    colombia Policia Nacional de Colombia

    Colombian National Police

    Policia Nacional de Colombia 212

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    35074 1994 Police rtn ?
    - G-BWOS: Heliwork Services Mar96-Sep99

    RCR Aviation Sep99-Apr00
    31202     PNC-0482: PNC from 2004
    - HK-3054G: Colombia, test serial N2192P

    - HK-3054: to PNC-182
    31256     PNC-0483: PNC from 2004
    31257     PNC-0484: PNC from 2004
    30737     PNC-0486: PNC from 2004
    35073     PNC-0488: Police
    35075     PNC-0490: Policia
    30896     PNC-0492: PNC from 2004
    30890     PNC-0493: Policia Nacional; ex N16985; ex PNC-193; w/o ?
    US Department of State N16985: State Dept;
    30921     PNC-0494: Policia Nacional as PNC-194, ex N50094
    30968     PNC-0495: PNC from 2004
    31254     PNC-151: to air force as 4018
    Colombian Air Force FAC4018: ex police PNC-151. 1984 to FAC as 218A, then FAC4218, 1+
    31255     PNC-152: to air force as 4019
    Colombian Air Force FAC4019: ex police PNC-152. 1984 to FAC as 219A, then FAC4219, 1+

    This chopper had not have any accident. That day was lo+
    30736     PNC-155: PNC, test serial N90141; w/o 04aug87
    30658     PNC-181: Police, test serial N59446; w/o 16apr95
    31202     PNC-182: PNC, reser PNC-0482
    - HK-3054G: Colombia, test serial N2192P

    - HK-3054: to PNC-182
    31256     PNC-183: PNC
    31257     PNC-184: PNC
    30737     PNC-186: PNC, test serial N49671
    35072     PNC-187: Police, test serial C-FTKG; w/o 22mar98
    35073     PNC-188: Police, test serial C-FTIL; reser to PNC-0488
    35074 1994     PNC-189: Police, test serial C-FTIP; 10dec94 damaged
    - G-BWOS: Heliwork Services Mar96-Sep99

    RCR Aviation Sep99-Apr00
    35075     PNC-190: Policia, test serial C-FTKH; reser PNC-0490
    30955     PNC-191: PNC, test serial N2765R; w/o 04jul99
    31034 UH-1N     PNC-191: Policia by Apr17
    US Air Force 69-6628: USAF

    US Department of State N2765R: State Dept 13sep99-05apr16
    30896     PNC-192: PNC, test serial N16995
    30968     PNC-195: PNC, test serial N2767X
    31003 UH-1N     PNC-5000: Policia N-04. ex N50094. BuNo 68-10774
    US Air Force 68-10774: before 76 to mid 80 was at Edwards AFB, then it was rea+

    1977 hit power lines near El Centro CA. Broke glass out+

    after it went through the wire we finally got it on the+

    to colombian police as PNC-5000
    31034 UH-1N     PNC-5001: Policia N-05
    US Air Force 69-6628: USAF

    US Department of State N2765R: State Dept 13sep99-05apr16
    31070 UH-1N     PNC-5002: Policia N-06. ex N2767X. BuNo 69-6664. w/o 17dec05
    US Air Force 69-6664: -1973 asg 1550th ATTW at Hill AFB. I was the alternate +

    to colombian police as PNC-5002

    - PNC-5002: Oct09 at scrapyard Lakeside, AZ
    32009 ch-135     PNC-5003: Policia N-01. ex N83033. ex canada 135109
    Canadian Armed Forces 135109: BuNo 70-15658. to US Gov as N83033. to Colombian Police+
    32026 ch-135     PNC-5004: Policia N-02. ex canada 135126
    Canadian Armed Forces 135126: BuNo 70-15675. to Colombian Police as PNC-5004/N-02
    32037 ch-135     PNC-5005: Policia N-03. ex N16995. ex canada 135137. scrapped
    Canadian Armed Forces 135137: BuNo 70-15686. to US Gov as N16995. to Colombian Police+
    32011 ch-135     PNC-5006: Policia N-07. ex N54623. ex canada 135111
    Canadian Armed Forces 135111: BuNo 70-15660. to US Gov as N54623. to Colombian Polic+

    Feb 1978, with 427 Tactical Helicopter Squadron in Nort+
    32024 ch-135     PNC-5007: Policia N-08. ex N72643. ex canada 135124
    Canadian Armed Forces 135124: CAF type:CH-135; 1984 427Sqn.

    BuNo 70-15673. to US Gov as N72643. to Colombian Police+
    32035 ch-135     PNC-5008: Policia N-09. ex N78790. ex canada 135135. w/o 18jan02
    Canadian Armed Forces 135135: BuNo 70-15684. CAF yellow cammo. to US Gov as N78790. t+
    32025 ch-135     PNC-5009: Policia CN-07. ex canada 135125. ex colombian army EJC-207
    Canadian Armed Forces 135125: CAF type:CH-135; 1984 427Sqn.

    BuNo 70-15674. to Colombian Army as EJC-207/CN-07

    Colombian Army Aviation EJC-207: Av.Ej CN-07. ex Canada 135125. to Colombian Police as P+

    Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4207: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tole+
    32027 ch-135     PNC-5010: Policia. ex colombian army EJC-221
    Canadian Armed Forces 135127: BuNo 70-15676. CAF yellow cammo. to Colombian Army as +

    Colombian Army Aviation EJC-221: Av.Ej CN-21. ex canada 135127. to Colombian Police as P+
    32031 ch-135     PNC-5011: Policia CN-08. ex canada 135131. ex colombian army EJC-210
    Canadian Armed Forces 135131: BuNo 70-15680. to Colombian Army as EJC-210/CN-08

    Colombian Army Aviation EJC-210: Av.Ej CN-08. ex Canada 135131. to colombia police as PN+

    Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4210: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tole+
    32041 ch-135     PNC-5012: Policia CN-11. ex canada 135141. ex colombian army EJC-208
    Canadian Armed Forces 135141: BuNo 70-15690; to US State Dept as N9195C / Colombian A+

    Colombian Army Aviation EJC-208: Av.Ej CN-11. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135141. to Colombian +

    Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4208: Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida

    US Department of State N9195C: State Dept from Dec17

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