Robinson R44 II

C/N 11499

Built 2006

Helicopter Robinson R44 II Serial 11499 Register N3157H. Built 2006. Aircraft history and location


Price: $450,000 - 2,737 flight hours, location Texas; IFR trainer; All logs since new and no damage history

Aircraft History



USA, many owners
2020-09-01 Norwood, Massachusetts US
2021-06-11 Mansfield, Massachusetts US
2021-09-03 Loudon, New Hampshire US
2022-02-28 Fort Campbell/Hopkinsville, Kentucky US
Sevierville, Tennessee US
2022-04-01 St Louis, Illinois US
2022-06-18 Nashville, Tennessee US
2022-07-26 Champaign/Urbana, Illinois US
Greenwood/Wonder Lake, Illinois US
2022-07-29 Bloomington/Normal, Illinois US
2022-08-11 Paducah, Kentucky US
2022-09-14 Fort Campbell/Hopkinsville, Kentucky US
2022-09-28 Knoxville, Tennessee US
2022-10-16 Clarksville, Tennessee US
2022-11-05 Little Rock, Arkansas US
2022-11-06 Austin, Texas US
2022-12-06 Austin, Texas US
2023-01-05 San Marcos, Texas US
2023-02-22 Austin, Texas US
2023-09-22 San Marcos, Texas US
2023-10-23 Austin, Texas US
Houston, Texas US
2023-10-24 Austin, Texas US
2023-11-25 San Marcos, Texas US
2023-11-30 Austin, Texas US

Call sign for this aircraft: N3157H

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