Robinson R44

R44 II


List of Operators of Robinson R44 II

From Organisation with model R44 II
usa Robinson Helicopter
    R44 1991/   
paraguay Policia Nacional Paraguaya
    R44 3 2010/   

argentina Policias Provinciales
canada L R Helicopters
south africa Starlite Helicopters
south africa Bushveld Game Capture
Construction Numbers on database of R44 II


Construction Numbers

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10001 2002 US N744AK : Quicksilver Air Inc at Fairbanks, AK from Jan03
10055 2003 US N444UH : Alba Aviation Services at Scottsdale, AZ from Jul10; 11+
10067 2003 US N97HF : Nine Seven Hotel Fox at Woburn, MA May03-Nov13
November Alpha at Newark, DE from Dec13
10099 2003 US N344G : Guidance Helicopters at Prescott, AZ from Feb06
10166 2003 US N444KD : Marcotte Veterinary Clinic PC at Vinita, OK from Dec14;+
10269 2004 US N222UH : to N29LE
US N29LE : w/o 27sep09 Mount Charleston, Nevada
10277 2004 VI N277MC : private at Woburn, MA from Apr04; op by Carribean Buzz
10281 2004 US N7518Q : Iced Air at Effingham, IL Jun06
private at Shuylkill, PA from Jul07
Fly for Fun Llc at Rockville, MD from Sep14
w/o 23oct14 midair collision with a Cirrus SR22 during +
10366 2004 US N446SH : Guidance Helicopters at Prescott, AZ from Aug09
10377 2004 US N7530P : Southwest Developments USA Llc at Lady Lake, FL Mar08-J+
CA C-FDCN : Southwest Developments (2006) at Digby, NS Mar09-Feb10
private from Feb10
Apr14-Feb15, sold Robinson R44 2004. Pop Out Floats, Cl+
10524 MX XB-KKI : Mexico, test serial N7531X
MX XC-LKJ : Mexico, to Paraguay
PY A-01 : Paraguay Police, reser A-02 ?
PY ZP-HAL : to be confirmed!; Paraguay Police A-02; w/o 14aug15 a+
10561 US N789MR : Floyd Vuncannon Aviation Inc; w/o 12jun16 at Jonesboro +
10562 2004 US N7354A : Hy Ray Llc at Las Vegas, NV Sep05-Apr08
CA C-FVME : Sky Helicopters from Apr11
10602 2005 US N571AC : Translift Inc at Holly, MI from Jul08
Capital Helicopters at Tallahassee, FL from Sep12; Tal+
10696 2005 US N990UH : Alba Aviation at Scottsdale, AZ
UHI; 03jan13 pictured at Phoenix Deer Valley, AZ
10734 FR F-HAIA Air+ : Air+, Toulouse
10913 2005 CA C-GTCQ : TransCanada PipeLines Limited Nov05-Jun07
CA C-GTCQ : Silverline Helicopters Inc at Holland Landing, ON from +
10988 BR PP-ABC : Brazil
10989 2005 US N122DJ Excel Drilling : Excel Drilling
11053 2006 CA C-FLWB : L R Helicopters from Aug10
11054 2006 US N74850 : to N911GJ
US N911GJ : Polk County Sheriff Office (PCSO) from Dec06; w/o 15may+
11104 2006 US N177FS : Puerto Rico
11317 2006 US N3115T : Red Helo Llc at Newport Beach, CA Sep06-Oct15
Lung BioTechnology PBC at Silver Spring, MD from Nov15;+
11323 2006 US N285RG : Helicopter Services Inc at Spring, TX from Aug06; 11feb+
Lone Star Land and Cattle Co at Casper, WY from Jul07
Helicopter Services Inc at Spring, TX from Mar14
11333 2006 CA C-GJRQ : L R Helicopters from Jan09
11349 2006 US N569BC : Lucas Oil at Corona, CA from Apr11; w/o 24may13 3m Cros+
11437 2006 AU VH-HEG : to VH-LLC
AU VH-LLC : private from Nov06
11441 2006 US N805PT : Classic Helicopter Corp at Seattle, WA Oct/Dec 2006; MA+
Rotor Envy Helicopters Llc at Houston, TX Aug11-May13
Submissive Air Inc at Nemo, SD Sep13-Apr15
TJ Helicopters at Kodak, TN Apr15-Aug16
Sevier County Choppers Inc at Sevierville, TN Aug/Dec 2+
US N497SU : Southern Utah University (SUU) at Cedar City, UT from J+
11489 US N744WT : New Orleans Helicopters LLC; w/o 29nov17 at Lakefront +
11530 2006 US N878BC : w/o 26jan18 crashed at Loveland, collision with Beech l+
11550 2007 US N3183T : Sky Surveillance Corp at San Juan, PR Jan07-Aug11
Flight World at San Juan, Puerto Rico from Sep11
Isla Grande Flying School; w/o 02jan15 at San Juan
11597 2007 AU VH-CMT : NAH from Jun12
11654 2007 US N3234U : Civic Helicopters at Carlsbad, CA Apr/Jun 2007
Inexco at Carson, NV Aug07-Apr12
Native Range Capture Services at Henderson, NV from Feb+
11656 2006 AU VH-HKD Goldjet Investments : 19mar11 pictured at Jandakot Airport,Australia
11694 2007 US N190SH : phxheli; 08nov11 pictured at Tucson International Airpo+
11711 FR F-GXRP : Ixair; 07oct12 pictured with Helicoptere Magazine mrks+
11784 2007 US N30242 : Star Services Of Orlando Llc at Orlando, FL from Feb08
private at Howard, CA from Dec14
HQ Aviation LLC; w/o 22mar15 2m WNW Orlando Executive a+
11811 2007 AU VH-UVU : Australia from Aug07
AU VH-UVU : Nautilus Aviation from Jan13
11875 ZA ZS-PXW : Starlite, w/o 28apr08 at Germiston
11977 AU VH-WWT : Australia
11986 NZ ZK-HAD : Volcanic Air Safaris, New Zealand; 05feb08 pictured at +
24feb13 make an emergency landing in Lake Rotorua. 4 on+
11994 AU VH-JJP Heli Adventures Tasmania : Heli Adventures Tasmania, Australia
12015 UY CX-LPC : Uruguay private, lsd LV-CVW
AR LV-CVW : Municipio de Lanus, Proteccion Ciudadana 911 emergencia+
Municipio de Almirante Brown; 09mar14 pictured (bot) at+
AR LV-CVW : Policia Bonaerense /3, loan for Beech Flying
12018 AR LV-BOM : Argentina private; 2010 Heliraid Patagonia
07mar13 pictured at ExpoAgro 2013, Buenos Aires, Argent+
12043 2007 AU VH-HBC : Australia from Jan08
AU VH-HBC : Nautilus Aviation from May13
12051 2007 AU VH-UGC : reg Jan08
12056 2007 UA UR-LTLT : Ukraine, to UR-LTL
UA UR-LTL : Mar/Apr 2015, sold Robinson R44 Storage Conditions War+
12082 2007 US N4131G : Heli Caribe at Dover, DE from Jan08
Oct/Dec 2014, sold Robinson R44 Raven II 2008
12093 BR PR-OST : 08nov13 pictured at Campo de Marte Airport, São Paulo
12102 2008 US N744AJ : Alaska
12108 2008 US N4152G Sky Helicopters : Sky Helicopters 2008;
FR F-HHSJ : ex N4152G
12118 2008 US N433SH : to N222UH
US N222UH : Alba Aviation Services from Jul10; 20aug14 pictured at +
12125 BR PR-VIA : Alter Aviation SAE Ltda, ex N215JD; w/o 05may18 during +
12180 ZA ZS-SDK : South Africa, to ZS-MZS
ZA ZS-MZS : w/o 02jun18 at Lumary farm near Zebula lodge, Limpopo. +
12332 2008 AU VH-ATB : Australia from Sep08
AU VH-ATB : Nautilus Aviation from May13
12352 2008 US N41352 : Coda Transportation Llc at Malibu, CA from Aug09
12372 2008 US N41280 : Robinson Jul08
AR LV-BSB : Metlife Seguros; Jan14 pictured towing aerial advertisi+
10apr14 over Riachuelo, La Boca
18feb17 pictured (pic3) at Pinamar
12377 2008 CA C-GNTS : Canada private Jul08-Jul13
Climb Helicopters at Fort St John, BC from Jul13
- : Oct14-Feb15, sold Robinson R44 2008. 710 Hours Since N+
12432 NZ ZK-IJM : registered Oct 2008
private deliveries of bottled water, fruit and other fo+
12465 2008 NZ ZK-HQA : New Zealand, to VH-ERH
AU VH-ERH : Australia from Oct08
AU VH-ERH : Nautilus Aviation from Jul14
12553 SE SE-JUN : EastAir, Sweden
12732 RU RA-04305 :; 02jul12 pictured at dawn during a round Eu+
12777 ZA ZS-HMG : Ultimate Heli
12807 ZA ZS-RVE : Bushveld Game Capture from Jul14
12840 2008 CA C-FACC : Helico.Store Corporation Inc at Quebec, QC Jun/Aug 2009
Québec Hélicoptères inc / Quebec Helicopters Inc at +
Westcan Aircraft Sales & Salvage Ltd at Kamloops, BC Oc+
CA C-FACC : CC Helicopters (2011) Ltd at Kamloops, BC Jul11-Mar14
CA C-FACC : Westcan Aircraft Sales & Salvage Ltd at Kamloops, BC Ma+
The Helicopter Company Inc. from Toronto, ON Jan16
CA C-FAAC : Toronto Heli Tours; 02jun18 pictured approaching Billy +
12883 AR LV-CCB : Argentina private; 2010 Heliraid Patagonia
17nov13 pictured at General Belgrano, Cordoba. R22 LV-C+
12887 2009 CA C-GCVE : Remote Energy Holdings Ltd at Grande Prairie, AB Dec09+
Gemini Helicopters at Grande Prairie, AB Oct10-Apr11
Glacier Helicopters at Revelstoke, BC Aug/Dec 2013
Jan/Mar 2014, sold Robinson R44 2009 - Volcano Red with+
US N5413X : private at Manley Hot Springs, AK from Jul14
12991 BR PP-WVR : w/o 01apr18 in a farm at Rosário, Maranhão. 4 fatal+
13030 BR PP-BAO : Brazil private from Mar14; w/o 25oct15 crashed into a l+
13045 2011 US N4536G : private at Newport Beach, CA Apr12-Jan13, test serial N+
CA C-FSHA : Sky Helicopters from Jan13
13105 TH HS-LLP : Heliluck; R44 Newscopter
TH HS-LLP : 08mar13 seen at Khon Kaen airport with "7 News" titles
13141 US N789KB : 14aug14 pictured at Phoenix Deer Valley
13184 ZA ZS-HLS : Lion Sands; w/o 23apr13 at Schoemanskloof valley, Mpuma+
13214 2012 US N121TV : Sky Helicopters at Eustace, TX from Mar12; 11feb12 pict+
13217 BR PP-LUK : Robinsons 10000th helicopter
13226 BR PR-CIG : Siderúrgica Gage, Brazil; w/o 20sep14 crashed in lake +
13249 2012 US N4488N : Robinson from Feb12; 11feb12 pictured at HeliExpo 2012,+
US N4488N : Hickmore Mortgage Investments at Southwest Ranches, FL +
13304 2012 US N174CD : Over & Out Inc at Clovis, NM from Jul12; w/o 29dec14 la+
13312 2012 US N445HS : Perfect Filler LLC at Magnolia, TX from Nov12; w/o 22au+
13321 US N3263M : Fast Track Flight Llc at Louisville, KY Jul/Oct 2012
BR PR-HLO : 29mar14 pictured at Aeroclube de Santa Catarina, São J+
13346 2012 US N110JC : Juliet Charlie Leasing Corp at Mililani, HI from Jan13
02aug14 crashed near fuel tank upon landing at Honolulu+
13378 CL CC-ASN : Servicios Aereos Victor Herrmann, Chile; 23mar14 pictu+
13395 ZA ZS-HBG : Bushveld Game Capture from Jan15
13402 2012 US N7058V : TX Investments Llc at Fort Lauderdale, FL from Dec12
Oct16-Feb17, sold Robinson R44 2012
13413 TZ 5H-FCG : Friedkin Conservation Fund, Tanzania; w/o 29jan16 at Ma+
13433 AR LV-FPL : 09mar14 pictured at La Matanza
13467 AT OE-XYJ : Heli-Line Hubschraubertransporte GmbH Apr13
13473 2013 US N99TV : Chopperguy LLc at Scottsdale, AZ from Aug13; Fort McDow+
13499 2013 US N66HV : VTC 66 Inc at Wilmington, DE from Jul13
Sep14-Feb15, sold Robinson R44 2013 - with AIRCON, 5 Po+
13529 AU VH-MTD : Australia, to ZK-HTH
NZ ZK-HTH : Helinorth, NZ; w/o 31oct16 at Glenbervie Forest, NE of +
13565 ZA ZS-HXY : Bushveld Game Capture from Nov13
13579 BR PR-MSJ : 18may14 pictured at Aeródromo José Martins da Silva. +
13676 CN B-7549 : Guilin General Aviation Company; w/o 26apr16 at Guilins+
13685 2014 US N255VS : Vertical Solutions Llc at Valdez, AK from Mar14; w/o 16+
13759 ZA ZS-RYY : Bushveld Game Capture from Nov14
13814 ZA ZS-HMU : Bushveld Game Capture from May15
13883 2015 US N744EH : Hampton Roads Charter Bus Service at Chesapeake, VA Dec+
private at Aledo, TX from Dec16
97 C/N.

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