1991 to present

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R44 and R66 Helicopters Number One in Sales in 2015, 12-Feb-16 : Robinson delivered 347 helicopters (117 R66s, 152 R44 Raven IIs, 44 R44 Raven Is, and 34 R22s) in 2015 marking a slight increase over the 329 produced in 2014.

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

30001 Cadet 2015     N234CD: Robinson Cadet
30058 Cadet     N4050X: Robinson Helicopter Co from Sep19; w/o landing at Carlsbad-+
12372 II 2008     N41280: Robinson Jul08
- LV-BSB: Metlife Seguros; pictured towing aerial advertising ba+

10apr14 over Riachuelo, La Boca

pictured (pic3) at Pinamar
12957 raven II 2009     N434WT: Robinson Aug09-Mar10
- LV-CFK: pictured at General Belgrano, Cordoba
1030 raven 2001     N43861: reg Feb05 unk; Robinson Oct/Nov 2005
- C-FAEP: Airborne Energy Solutions Ltd at Whitecourt, AB Apr01-D+

Heli Air Ltd G-CDSE: Heli Air Dec05-Feb06

Patriot Aviation G-OBSM: Flight Solutions Ltd Feb06-Aug12

Patriot Aviation from Aug12; pictured at Norwich oper+

pictured (bot) at Norwich
12923 II 2009     N44482: Robinson
- C-GOCR: from 2009 Synergy Aviation Ltd.
12947 raven II 2010     N44569: Robinson
- CC-ABO: 27mar-01apr12 private at FIDAE 2012
13249 II 2012     N4488N: Robinson from Feb12; pictured at HeliExpo 2012, Dallas, TX
- N4488N: Hickmore Mortgage Investments at Southwest Ranches, FL +
13151 raven II 2011     N469TL: Robinson
0537 astro 1998     N70315: Robinson 1998, to Brazil as unk
- LV-ZOZ: pictured at General Belgrano, Cordoba
1191 clipper 2002     N712RC: Robinson Aug02
HELIDOSA HI773: Helidosa HI-773CT
10143 clipper II 2003     N75240: Robinson test serial; to F-GVDH
AZUR Helicoptere F-GVDH: AZUR Helicoptere ex N75240
1343 raven 2003     N75283: Robinson toward G-LWUK
- G-LWUK: from 2003 to 2007 ex N75283 toward HA-HEL

- HA-HEL: from 2007 ex G-LWUK; 16+17aug08 Kecskemet air show

operating with Helipest in crimson colours, from Budape+

operating with Helipest in crimson colours, from Budape+

to Croatia.

- 9A-HMA: ex HA-HEL; to 9A-HMA with Helimax; w/o 21 Sep 2012 when+