Sikorsky S-62A

This model is a version of S-62 HH-52

c/n 62-062

Year 1964

Helicopter Sikorsky S-62A Serial 62-062 Register 150142 ZS-HHK ZK-HHK 3D-HAE N92867 used by Court Helicopters Rob Air Sikorsky Helicopters. Built 1964. Aircraft history and location


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usa N92867
Sikorsky Helicopters
Sikorsky S-62A c/n 62-062, ff ~1964
registered Sikorsky as N2512M
del Petroleum Helicopters as N92867, Jul64
dam dur power-off autorotation at Morgan City, LA, 19Mar70
sold Imperial Airways as CF-JOK, ~1973
sold Cyprus Airways as 5B-CBW, Feb75
sold Gulf Airways as A7-HAC Apr75
sold Court Helicopters as ZS-HHK, Oct78
lsd Rob Air as 3D-HAE, Dec79
lsd Wright Airlift Intl as N2516M, 1980
lsd to Heliswift as 3D-HAE, 1984
rtnd Court Helicopters as ZS-HHK, 24Jul92
wfu South Africa unk.
swaziland 3D-HAE
Rob Air
south africa ZK-HHK
Court Helicopters
Court Helicopters P/L, Cape Town 2000
For ZS-HHK see also:
        uh-1h c/n 12839
2008 ZA Thunder City Exhibit to Thunder City by
For 150142 see also:
        UH-2B c/n 92
2015 ZA Preserved S-62 preserved (try a street view on the map) in seaside resort Strand, South Africa with fake mrks US Navy 150142 HSL-33 /TF. Apparently is emulating a Sea King although the HH-52 was used by the Coast Guard and the both the squadron and BuNo belongs to a Seasprite

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