Bell UH-1N

This model is a version of 212

c/n 31670

Helicopter Bell UH-1N Serial 31670 Register 159194 N194WB used by US Marine Corps US Department of State. Aircraft history


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usa 159194
US Marine Corps
US Twentynine Palms ( 06-sep-93 )
06sep93 as HMLA-269 /HF-33 hard landing @ 29 Palms. I was the crewchief, we all survived and 33 has been a lucky # for me my whole life since. I never saw that A/C fly again but it did come back to HMLA-269 before i EAS d out in 1995
Less than 24 hrs later 2 Cobra helos had a mid air collision killing 4 on A/C 160826
usa 159194
US Marine Corps
1994 HMLA-269 /HF-33
2000s HMLA-369 /SM-02
usa N194WB
US Department of State
State Dept from Aug11
2018 still

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