Bell UH-1E Iroquois

This model is a version of 204

c/n 6062

Written off 1969

Helicopter Bell UH-1E Iroquois Serial 6062 Register 151868 used by US Marine Corps. Aircraft history and location


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usa US Marine Corps

1969-02-20VMO-1 w/o 20feb69 VMO-1
Rotor came off, crashed on top of meat department Piggly Wiggly grocery store, north woods , jacksonville NC
I remember that accident as if it were yesterday, was 9 at the time , located 3 or 4 doors down from the crash, ran in the house told mother that helicopter come apart in the sky
I remember this crash

notes I remember this crash as I was around 7 years old at the time. Playing outside with my sister and a friend we all heard a loud noise. As we turned around we saw the tailrotor of the UH-1 disengaged and it began to descend quickly and then we saw smoke. It had crashed into the local Piggly Wiggly. We had helicopter parts in our yard. I remember what I thought were dozens of aircraft coming to the scene. My father was stationed at Camp Lejeune during this time. I think this may have had an impact on me because when I was old enough I joined the US Army and became a mechanic on the UH-1. Then I went off to Fort Rucker for flight school.

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