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  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries kv-107ii-2

    This model is a version of kv 107-ii

    c/n 4005

    Year 1963 to 2001

    Helicopter Kawasaki Heavy Industries kv-107ii-2 Serial 4005 Register P2-CHA N186CH 4005 used by CHI Papua New Guinea ,Columbia Helicopters ColHeli ,Royal Thai Army. Built 1963. Aircraft history and location


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    For 4005 see also:
            a109luh c/n 13655
        1963 107-ii c/n 106
        1963 ch-124 c/n 61-207


    thailand Royal Thai Army

    1963-11-14BV-107II-2, c/n 106, supplied in kit form to Kawasaki in 1962. Built as Kawasaki KV-107II-2, c/n 4005, 1963
    del Royal Thai Army as 4005, 14Nov63
    sold AICE Enterprises Co, Ltd, unk.
    For N186CH see also:
        1963 107-ii c/n 106


    usa Columbia Helicopters

    1976-04-26sold to Columbia Helicopters Intl, 26Apr76
    reg CHI as N186CH, Sep76
    Reg Papua-New Guinea as P2-CHA, 09Feb91
    rtnd US as N186CH, 16May91
    written off 31Aug01 in Emigrant, MT on a post maintenance test-flight, 3 fatalities.
    For P2-CHA see also:
        1963 107-ii c/n 106


    papua new guinea CHI Papua New Guinea

    1991-02-09Reg Papua-New Guinea as P2-CHA, 09Feb91.

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