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    CHI Papua New Guinea

    Model Types

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      B-V 234LR21989
      B-V 107-ii11985

    List of Aircraft

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    234LR MJ-005 1981N238CH : CHI from Dec14
    : at S.P.I. Brownsville Intl airport
    : at Love Field, Prescott, AZ being accompanied by two Columbia tr ...
    : PNG from Dec16, remains N registered
    107-ii 106 1963P2-CHA : lsd CHI-PNG as P2-CHA, unk; rtnd CHI as N186CH, unk.
    kv-107ii-2 4005 1963P2-CHA : Reg Papua-New Guinea as P2-CHA, 09Feb91.
    107-ii 107 1964P2-CHB : lsd Columbia Helicopters Intl (PNG) as P2-CHB, unk; rtnd CHI as N ...
    CH-46A 2002 1962P2-CHC : CHI Papua New Guinea unk
    CH-46A 2003 1962P2-CHD : CHI-PNG, rtn CHI
    107-ii 108 1964P2-CHE : CHI Papua New Guinea ~1975, rtn to N189CH
    kv-107ii-2 4009 1963P2-CHE : to Columbia Helicopters as N189CH, rereg as P2-CHE; current.
    234LR MJ-003 1981P2-CHI : leased to Columbia Helicopter International, Papua-New Guniea as ...
    234LR MJ-022 1985P2-CHJ : Papua New Guinea Columbia Helicopters from 2010; Aug16 working in ...
    : arrived at Essendon
    : to Wagga Wagga
    234LR MJ-006 1981P2-CHK : CHI Papua-New Guinea from May10
    : operating in Papua, New Guinea
    : 16mar17 ferrying to Melbourne Australia, will ship back to US in ...
    : at Essendon Airport, Melbourne, Australia
    : 18mar17 pictured (pic2) at Wagga Wagga Airport
    234LR MJ-017 1984P2-CHL : CHI Papua New Guinea Mar/Jul 2016
    234LR MJ-005 1981P2-CHY : Columbia Helicopters Papua-New Guinea, 2012

    12 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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