LT Lithuania


List of Helicopter Operators

Military Forces
Karines Oro Pajegos

Security Forces
Valstybes Sienos Apsaugos Tarnyba


Aircraft Prefix


Lithuania News

10-Dec-18 - Lithuania Renewed AS365N3+ HCare Support #Lithuania
12-Jun-18 - Trojan Footprint 18 NATO Special Forces Exercise
06-Jun-17 - Outsource or Invest in the Internal Technical Team
29-Mar-17 - Cobham and Helisota Partnership
24-Oct-16 - First Year for Lithuanian AS365N3+ Dauphins
06-Jun-16 - FL Technics Supports MH-47G Chinooks in Lithuania
15-Jan-16 - Lithuanian AS365N3+ Begins SAR Service
28-Oct-13 - Lithuanian Air Force orders 3 AS365N3

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