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  • greenland Thule AFB / Pituffik Airport

    Pituffik, Qaasuitsup


    Satellite and aerial maps of Thule AFB with nearby locations

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    368.6275CYGZ Grize Fiord Airport, Nunavut

    1951 to present

    76° 31' 53'' N - 68° 42' 12'' W
    Elevation: 251 feet

    History of this Location

    56 ships left Norfolk, VA under the command vessel Monrovia with c 153000 tons of cargo on 6 Jun 1951 for North Star Bay in NW Greenland as Operation Bluejay, to build a new USAF base at Thule.

    Embarked with S-51 and float equipped Bell 47. Fuel and equipment was brought ashore, mostly by DUKW. The base was initially constructed between Jul and Oct 1951, with the airstrip ready by 8 Aug to allow flights in and out and provide ground support.

    It has been upgraded and modernised from time to time since then.

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    List of aircraft and events at Thule AFB

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    1966 USN UH-2B 152201
    1966 USCG Wind class WAGB-281 USCGC Westwind

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