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  • canada Lillooet

    Lillooet, British Columbia



    Satellite and aerial maps of Lillooet with nearby locations

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    72.6235CYPS Pemberton, British Columbia
    91.1232CBE9 Whistler Heliport, British Columbia
    95.3232 Whistler, British Columbia
    95.6159 Boston Bar, British Columbia
    101.8228 Cloudraker Skybridge, British Columbia
    102.2087CYKA Kamloops, British Columbia

    50° 40' 28.93'' N - 121° 53' 38.39'' W
    ICAO: IATA: Local: CAR3

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    List of aircraft and events at Lillooet

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    By Date | By Serial

    2007-aug-09 206L-1 C-GWCF
    2009-jun-09 214B C-FZVT
    2009-jun-09 S-64A C-GJZK / 746
    2009-jun-10 214B C-GTWI
    2009-jun-10 407 C-GFCC
    2009-jun-11 206L-1 C-GWCF
    2009-jun-11 214B C-GTWV
    2009-jun-14 107-ii C-FHFW
    2009-jul-27 HeliQwest K-MAX C-FXFT
    2009-jul-28 212 C-GTRH
    2009-jul-28 AS350B2 C-FJHH
    2009-jul-29 212 C-GEZO
    2009-jul-29 212 C-GSLH
    2009-jul-29 CC Helicopters 212 C-GSQM
    2009-jul-29 212 C-GWWL
    2009-aug-01 205A-1 C-GKVI
    2009-sep-01 205A C-GJTH
    2009-sep-01 AS350B2 C-GGTO
    2010-aug-05 214B C-FZVT
    2010-aug-05 407 C-FCPH
    2010-aug-15 206L-1 C-GWCF

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