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Abbotsford, British Columbia


Satellite and aerial maps of Abbotsford with nearby locations

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21.2293CYNJ Langley, British Columbia
29.1196WN73 St Joseph Hospital Heliport, Washington
33.1309CYPK Pitt Meadows, British Columbia
33.8 65CYCW Chilliwack, British Columbia
47.5276CZBB Boundary Bay, British Columbia
53.5229KORS Orcas Island, Washington

49° 1' 31.08'' N - 122° 21' 36.00'' W

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List of aircraft and events at Abbotsford

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1970-jan-01 H-34G.IC-GLOG
1981 US US Coast GuardHH-52A Sea Guard1449
1983-aug Canadian Armed ForcesCH-147 Chinook147009
1983-aug-01 SH-3D Sea King154103
1990-aug US US Army AviationAH-64A Apache88-0284
1990-aug United NationsCH-139 Jet Ranger139308
2002-aug-11 CH-124 Sea King12419
2003-aug-07 UH-1N69-6653
2004-apr Campbell Helicopters205A-1C-FOAR
2004-aug-13 CH-124 Sea King12424
2005-feb-07 K-MAXN202WM
2006-aug-13 S-76AC-GHJV
2007-aug-12 HH-65 Dolphin6543
2010-aug-16 CH-124 Sea King12434
2011-aug-12 CH-149 Cormorant149906
2012-aug-11 HH-65 Dolphin6597
2014-jun-11 AS332L Super PumaN222VA
2015-may-11 AW139C-FPSE
2016-nov-23 AW139VP-CHF
2017-jun-30 Cabri G2C-GELP

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