belgium Schaffen

Diest, Vlaams-Brabant

Satellite and aerial maps of Schaffen with nearby locations

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4.6180EBDW Diest Heliport, Vlaams-Brabant
12.2 93EBLU Lummen Heliport, Limburg
21.2 50EBLE Leopoldsburg Beverlo, Limburg
21.9 98EBZH Hasselt, Limburg
22.7 28EBKH Keiheuvel, Limburg
25.1159EBST Brustem, Limburg

50° 59' 57.12'' N - 5° 3' 56.02'' E
Elevation: 100 feet

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List of aircraft and events at Schaffen

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2006-aug-12 R22 Beta IIOO-GLS
2007-aug-10 R44 RavenOO-PME
2008-aug-16 R22 Beta IIOO-PMT
2009-aug Best in SkyR44 Raven IIOO-VDM
2009-aug-15 MD900 ExplorerG-12
2009-aug-15 R22 BetaOO-RJP
2009-aug-16 206B-3 Jet RangerOO-VBA
2011-aug-13 A109BAH16
2012-aug-11 A109BAH16 / OT-ARP
2012-aug-12 AS350B2 EcureuilOO-STZ
2012-aug-12 EC130B4OO-PAT
2012-aug-12 R22 BetaOO-EGB
2012-aug-12 R44 ClipperOO-PIV
2013-aug-17 R22 BetaOO-RJP
2013-aug-17 R44 RavenOO-LXY
2013-aug-17 R44 Raven IIOO-MTM
2013-aug-17 R44 Raven IIPH-PEZ
2014-aug-16 R22 BetaOO-RJP

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