belgium Force Aérienne Belge

Belgian Air Force

belgian air force

Since 2002, Belgium has a single structure on its armed forces in which the independent Belgian Air Force ceased to exist. The former Air Force became the Air Component (COMOPSAIR, Luchtcomponent) of the Belgian Armed Forces.

  List of Units

1 Wing - 17 sq MRH,18 Sq MRH,2010
16 Squadron - St. Michael 16 sq MRH20042010
40 Squadron - 40 Escadrille Héli 1974

  Bases and Locations

Base Unit
Beauvechain AB17 sq MRH , 18 Sq MRH , 1 Wing
Koksijde / Coxyde AB40 Squadron

helicopter   Model Types

NHI NH9082012
SABCA A109BA 2004
SNIA Alouette II20042009
Westland Sea King Mk.48 519762018
Sikorsky S-58C719631978
SA HSS-1 Seabat519611986
Bristol Type 171 Sycamore319541960

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