belgium Beauvechain / Bevekom

Beauvechain, Waals-Brabant

25.4309EBBR Brussel - Zaventem, Vlaams-Brabant
26.0311EBMB Melsbroek, Vlaams-Brabant
28.0289 Parc du Cinquantenaire, Vlaams-Brabant
30.1 83EBST Brustem, Limburg
30.2179EBNM Namur Temploux, Namur
30.4 43EBDW Diest Heliport, Vlaams-Brabant

1936 to present

50 45 32.54 secs N - 4 46 7.18 secs E
2 nm S of Beauvechain
Elevation: 370 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2010/    17 SquadronA109BA 2004/10
2010/    18 Squadron NH90 2013/   
A109BA 2004/14
2010/    1 WingA109BA 2010/   

News about this location

Antonov AN-124 Took Belgian NH90s to Mali, 06-Feb-18 : Two Belgian air force NH90 were transported to Mali by a Volga-Dnepr AN-124 cargo plane. They will join the German Detachment in Gao as part of the peacekeeping mission MINUSMA for at least 4 months

Belgian NH90 First Deployment to Africa, 12-Sep-17 : Belgian NH90 Caiman helicopters perform first ever mission on African continent when deployed 4 weeks to Gabon to participate in exercise Tropical Storm supporting the paratroopers of the Light Brigade

Belgian NH90 Achieved Initial Operational Capability, 14-May-15 : Belgian NH90 MTH ((Medium Transport Helicopter) assigned to 18 Squadron achieved their Initial Operational Capability (IOC)


26-may-1626-may-16THPU 2016
20-may-1520-may-15THPU 2015


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By Date | By Serial

1970-jun-28 S-61A-1U-277
1972-jul-24 US US Air ForceHH-53C68-10368
1992-sep-05 SA330E PumaXW227 / DN
1999-sep-04 SA318C Alouette IIA68
1999-sep-04 UH-1D71+13
2002-sep-01 A109BAH09 / OT-ARI
2004-jun-29 A109BAH31
2004-jun-29 A109BAH45
2004-jun-29 Federale Politie / Police FédéraleMD520NG-15
2005-sep-15 A109BAH28
2005-sep-15 MD520NG-14
2005-sep-15 SA318C Alouette IIA68 / OT-ACZ
2005-sep-15 Sea King Mk.48RS03
2006-sep-01 A109BAH23
2006-sep-02 A109BAH07
2006-sep-02 A109BAH16 / OT-ARP
2006-sep-02 A109BAH24
2006-sep-02 A109BAH27
2006-sep-02 A109BAH36
2006-sep-02 SA316B Alouette IIIM-1 / OT-ZPA
2006-sep-02 SA341F Gazelle1175 / BDM
2006-sep-02 Sea King HAS.1XV707 / 84
2007-jul-21 SA316B Alouette IIIM-1 / OT-ZPA
2009-jul-21 A109BAH16
2009-jul-21 A109BAH24
2010-apr-30 A109BAH31
2010-apr-30 A109BAH44
2010-jul-03 A109BAH46
2010-jul-03 Bo105P PAH-18811
2010-jul-04 SA316B Alouette IIIM-2 / OT-ZPB
2011-jun-29 A109BAH24
2011-jun-29 A109BAH25
2011-jun-29 A109BAH28
2011-jun-29 A109BAH31
2011-jun-29 A109BAH36
2011-jun-29 A109BAH40
2011-jun-29 A109BAH45
2011-jul-19 A109BAH21
2011-jul-19 A109BAH35
2011-jul-19 A109BAH38
2011-jul-19 A109BAH41
2012-feb-21 A109BAH27
2012-feb-21 Sea King Mk.48RS03
2013-apr-29 A109BAH27
2013-apr-29 A109BAH29
2013-apr-29 A109BAH31
2013-apr-29 A109BAH35
2013-oct-03 Force Aérienne BelgeNH90 TTHRN05
2014-jan-30 Force Aérienne BelgeNH90 TTHRN06
2014-may-05 A109BAH29
2015-may-20 Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH24
2015-may-20 A109BAH29
2015-may-20 Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH33
2015-may-20 Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH40
2015-may-20 CZ Vzdušné síly AČRMi-171Sh9926
2015-may-20 CZ Vzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind7354
2015-may-20 CZ Vzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind7353
2015-may-20 Force Aérienne BelgeNH90 NFHRN03
2015-may-20 Force Aérienne BelgeNH90 TTHRN05
2015-may-20 Force Aérienne BelgeNH90 TTHRN06
2015-may-20 FR Aviation Légère de l'Armée de TerreSA330B Puma1123
2015-may-20 FR Aviation Légère de l'Armée de TerreSA330B Puma1232
2015-may-20 FR Aviation Légère de l'Armée de TerreSA342M Gazelle3857
2015-may-20 FR Aviation Légère de l'Armée de TerreSA342M Gazelle3996
2015-may-20 Force Aérienne BelgeSea King Mk.48RS04
2015-may-20 DE HeeresfliegerUH-1D73+43
2015-may-20 DE HeeresfliegerUH-1D73+60
2016-may-26 Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH24
2016-may-26 A109BAH27
2016-may-26 Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH31
2016-may-26 Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH35
2016-may-26 Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH46
2016-may-26 Force Aérienne BelgeNH90 TTHRN06
2016-may-26 MarineSA316B Alouette IIIM-2
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   47G-2OO-MBE
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH24
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH26
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH28
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH31
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH35
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   US US Army AviationAH-64D Apache04-05444
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   EC120BOO-DTE
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   DE MarinefliegerEC135P2+D-HDDL
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   DE HeeresfliegerEC135T182 65
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   Federale Politie / Police FédéraleMD900 ExplorerG-11
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   CZ Vzdušné síly AČRMi-35 Hind3366
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   Force Aérienne BelgeNH90 NFHRN02
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   Force Aérienne BelgeNH90 TTHRN05
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   AT Österreichische LuftstreitkräfteSA316B Alouette III3E-KM
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   SE3130 Alouette IIF-GURJ
2017-apr-12 Belgian Helidays 2017   DE MarinefliegerSea King Mk.4189 64

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