Westland Sea King Mk.48

This model is a version of Sea King

c/n wa 833

Year 1976

Helicopter Westland Sea King Mk.48 Serial wa 833 Register RS03 used by Force Aérienne Belge (Belgian Air Force). Built 1976. Aircraft history

Westland Sea King Mk.48 c/n wa 833


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belgium RS03
Force Aérienne Belge
Apr76 first flight, ex G-BDNJ/G-17-3
28may76 handed over / Crew on delivery : Kapt.M.Gyssels, 1Lt.D.Kerkhof, 1Lt.A.Jacobs, 1SM P.Vandermeersche
03dec80 Emergency landing near Mont-Saint-Guibert. By cause of ice both engines stopped, but nevertheless the pilot managed to, but aircraft considerably damaged. With the aid of USA CH47C the Sea King is transported to Koksijde and repaired. As a direct result FOD-guard where fitted in front of the air intakes of all Belgian Sea Kings
Feb90 emergency landing near Naninne, defect gearbox, repaired on site
18jan97 after a rescue mission after a ship collision the aircraft has to make an emergency landing in heavy fog on the quay of Koksijde, no damage
20feb03 during the tragic fire in an apartment building at Mons RS03 was slightly damaged when landing nearby the plastic roof of a pumping station was shattered by the rotor-blast and sucked in by the helicopter engines. (call sign Rescue 93)
02oct03 l/n 40Sm
belgium RS03
Force Aérienne Belge
06jul08 at Kleine Brogel airbase (EBBL) during Defense days
belgium RS03
Force Aérienne Belge
BE Koksijde / Coxyde AB ( aug-13 )
29aug13 taken out of service after severe metal fatigue was fount in the tail structure. Still at Koksijde Airbase used for spares for the 3 surviving Sea Kings
belgium RS03
Force Aérienne Belge
BE Koksijde / Coxyde AB ( 17-mar-16 )
Mar16 aircarft suffered metal fatigue but was set in operational conditions again. Cocooned at Koksijde AB due to financial restrictions as spare helicopter
belgium RS03
Force Aérienne Belge
Will be presented to the city of Koksijde to be used as gate guard

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