Del'd: 8 - 2012 to present

NH Industries NH90
belgium Force Aérienne Belge

Belgian Air Force

Force Aérienne Belge NH90

A contract was signed in 2007 for 4 NFH and 4 TTH (plus 2 optional TTH) Kaaiman. Serials RN01/RN04 and RN05/RN08 respectively. The NFHs are built in Donauworth, Germany and the TTHs in Marignane, France. On March 2011, first trials were conducted on frigate BNS Leopold I. First aircraft, TTH RN05, was delivered December 21, 2012
Belgian NH90 took over SAR missions over land and the North Sea from the Sea King on February 12, 2018

On October 1st 2013, the second Belgian NH90TTH ( serial RN06 test reg F-ZWCD, c/n 1296) was flown at Marignane, France. The first Belgian NFH version, RN01, is also at Marignane for crew/personel conversion training. The second NFH, RN02, is expected to make its first flight at Donauwörth any day now, and is expected to be delivered to Koksijde Air base somewhere between November 2013 and February 2014. The 4 TTHs will be based at Beauvechain AB and the 4 NFHs will be based at Koksijde AB. Maintainance will be concentrated at Beauvechain.

All 4 TTHs (RN05 to RN08) will be operated by 18 Squadron MRH at Beauvechain, the unit current Agusta A109s will then be transfered to 17 Squadron. the 4 NFHs (RN01 to RN04) will be operated by 40 squadron at Koksijde.

The second NH90TTH, RN-06 (TBEA02), was delivered to Beavechain on January 26, 2014. Also it was noted that the 3rd NH90-TTH (RN07, TBEA03) was undergoing test flights at Marignane by January 2014 (possible test registration F-ZWCW). It has also been reported that RN02 will make its first flight at Donauwörth somewhere in February, with delivery to the 40th Squadron in Koksijde around April/May 2014. RN01 is also expected to arrive in Belgium in that same timeframe.

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2013-    40 Squadron Koksijde / Coxyde AB
2013-    18 Sq MRH Beauvechain AB


FF Karel Doorman class

helicopter   Deployments

List of Aircraft

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org
1040 nfh 2013 RN01 NBEN01 Force Aerienne Belge; 30 at Donauwoerth, Germany
1041 nfh RN02 RN-02 NBEN02 Force Aerienne Belge; 30 at Donauwoerth, Germany
Eurocopter Germany 98 52: Eurocopter toward RN02
helicopter 1237 nfh RN03 44F6A2 PROVA81 RESQ03 RN-03 TRITN03 NBEN03 Force Aerienne Belge; Dec13 noted at Eurocopter Donauwoerth factory with ...
1238 nfh RN04 RN-04 TRITN04 NBEN04 Force Aerienne Belge; o/o
1257 tth 2012 RN05 ARES503 RN-05 TBEA01 f/f Sep12, test serial F-ZWBE
Eurocopter France F-ZWBE: NHI/Eurocopter toward RN05
helicopter 1296 tth RN06 ARES504 TBEA02, test serial F-ZWCD
helicopter 1297 tth RN07 TBEA03, test serial F-ZWCM
1305 tth RN08 TBEA04, test serial F-ZKBA
Airbus Helicopters France F-ZKBA: NHI/Airbus Helicopters; at Marignane; Sep14 still

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