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  • germany Hildesheim

    Hildesheim, Lower Saxony



    Satellite and aerial maps of Hildesheim with nearby locations

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    16.2229JKG Johanniter Hospital Gronau, Lower Saxony
    24.9337 Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Lower Saxony
    25.2323SILOAH KRH Klinikum Siloah, Lower Saxony
    28.5326 Klinikum Nordstadt, Lower Saxony
    31.6037EDVP Peine-Eddesse, Lower Saxony
    36.0350 Klinikum Grossbergwedel, Lower Saxony

    1927 to present

    52° 10' 39'' N - 9° 56' 44'' E
    2nm N of Hildesheim
    Elevation: 293 feet

    History of this Location

    Aircraft, balloons and parchuting has been carried out  on the meadows here since around 1912, but it wasn't until Jun 1927 that an airfield formally opened as part of the Lufthansa domestic network. Between 1935 and 1937, hangars and a barracks were added. The airfield was busy during WWII as an airborne assault, training and fighter base. Shortly after the war, Hildeshiem was in the British occupied sector of Germany and the Flughafen Kaserne barracks were renamed Tofrek barracks. It has been a base for the British Army including 3 PARA, the Royal Artillery and since 1984, the Royal Tank Regiment.

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    List of units at Hildesheim

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1983/93UK 652 Squadron
    1983/93UK 1 REGTSA341B Gazelle AH.1 1983/00
    1978/93UK 661 SquadronLynx 1993/05
    Lynx 1978/93
    SA341B Gazelle AH.1 1977/00
    Scout 1969/79
    1978/93UK 651 SquadronLynx 1990/08
    Lynx 1977/91
    Scout 1973/78
    1958/69UK 654 SquadronWAH-64 Apache ??/14
    SA341B Gazelle AH.1 ??/07

    List of aircraft and events at Hildesheim

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    By Date | By Serial

    1961-aug 654 Sq654 Squadron Skeeter 7 XN347
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH.1 XX414
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH.1 XX443
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH.1 XX386
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH.1 XX385
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH.1 XZ331
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH.1 XZ307
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH.1 XX387
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH.1 XX393
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH.1 XX407
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH.1 XX447
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH.1 XZ330
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH.1 XZ339
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH.1 XZ342
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH.1 XV136
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH.1 XV137
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH.1 XV124
    1980-jun-17 AAC AH1 XZ191
    1980-jun-17 18 Squadron HC.2 XR507
    1980-jun-17 Army OH-58A 70-15172
    1980-jun-17 Army OH-58A 70-15179
    1985-dec BDRTRN Wasp XT438
    1987-sep BDRTAAC AH.1 XP852
    1990-apr Gate GuardianAAC Sioux XT548
    2008-feb-13 S-76B D-HBGR

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