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  • united kingdom Sywell

    Northampton, Northamptonshire, England

    United Kingdom


    Satellite and aerial maps of Sywell with nearby locations

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    12.2332 Harrington, England
    22.0309 Sulby Strip, England
    23.2109 Bedford Autodrome, England
    23.9110EGVW Bedford (Thurleigh), England
    24.9109EGBF Bedford Aerodrome, England
    28.6155EGTC Cranfield, England

    52° 18' 22.31'' N - 0° 47' 29.39'' W
    4 m of Wellingborough

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    List of aircraft and events at Sywell

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    By Date | By Serial

    1975-may-01 369HS G-AXEJ
    1980-jan Stored UH-12B G-APKY
    1982-feb HAR.2 XJ726
    1986-sep-22 269C / 300 G-BMYW
    1988-oct Skeeter 7 XL809
    1992-aug Dragonfly 1A G-ANLW
    1993-feb 369HS G-AYIA
    1994-sep MD500E G-TRUE
    1998-jul-12 S61N.MK2 G-BGWK
    2004-sep-26 A109E G-WNAA
    2005-sep-16 206B-3 G-OCFD
    2005-nov A109C N109KH
    2005-nov MD900 N9208V
    2005-nov-17 105CBS-2 G-TVAM
    2006-jun-24 MD500E G-RISK
    2006-jun-30 206B-3 G-ISPH
    2006-aug-05 RAVEN II G-IBMS
    2006-sep-24 A109E G-WNAA
    2006-sep-24 RAVEN II G-ONGA
    2007-apr-21 480B G-TRYX
    2007-apr-21 BETA G-JERS
    2007-apr-21 RAVEN II G-ONGA
    2008-aug-23 MD500E G-RISK
    2008-aug-23 NEWS G-PIXX
    2008-aug-23 RAVEN II G-ONGA
    2008-sep-03 AH.1 XT626 / Q
    2008-sep-03 AW109E G-WELY
    2008-sep-03 MD500E G-BRTL
    2008-sep-03 SE3130 XR379
    2010-jul-11 AW109S G-CDWY
    2010-aug-22 MD500E G-BRTL
    2011-jun-17 A109E G-WNAA
    2011-jun-17 BETA G-WINR
    2011-jun-17 R66 N66UK
    2011-jun-17 RAVEN G-CEDG
    2011-jun-19 Heli Air Ltd R66 N66NN
    2012-may-25 BETA G-WINR
    2012-may-25 R66 N4502G
    2012-dec-16 MD500E G-BRTL
    2013-jun-08 A119 N119HH
    2013-jun-08 BETA G-ZAPY
    2013-jun-08 Utair Europe MI-8T OM-AVS
    2013-jun-08 RAVEN II G-DSPZ
    2013-jun-08 RAVEN II G-MACU
    2013-jun-08 SA342L HA-LFQ
    2013-jul National Grid 429 G-RIDB
    2013-jul-09 deliverySloane Helicopters AW109SP G-TAAS
    2014-feb-14 AW109SP G-MUZZ
    2014-may-30 Sloane Helicopters AW109SP G-MAOL
    2014-may-30 BETA G-ETIN
    2014-may-30 R66 G-JNNH
    2014-may-31 RAVEN G-HWKS
    2015-may-29 Bell Helicopter Europe 429 OK-BHX
    2015-may-29 BETA G-ETIN
    2015-may-29 R66 G-LROK
    2018-sep-28 Sloane Helicopters AW109E G-SHLS
    2019-apr-20 AW109SP G-SKBH
    2019-jul-05 UK Air Ambulances AW109S G-HEMZ
    2019-jul-22 HQ Aviation Ltd BETA G-OVNR
    2019-oct-23 JCB S-76C M-JCBA
    2020-feb-06 AW109SP G-FDHS
    2020-apr-08 AW169 G-CMCL
    2020-apr-27 AW109SP G-VIVE
    2020-jul-13 AW109SP G-RAYN

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