united kingdom Bedford (Thurleigh)

Bedford, Bedfordshire, England

United Kingdom

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0.9329 Bedford Autodrome, England
1.2078EGBF Bedford Aerodrome, England
14.1168GBCRT Cardington, England
18.4058 Brampton, England
18.7147EGTH Old Warden, England
20.5210EGTC Cranfield, England

1941 to 1997

52° 13' 49'' N - 0° 27' 47'' W
5nm N of Bedford
Elevation: 293 feet

History of this Location

Immediately after WWII, an aviation research station was constructed and the original site expanded eastwards on to newly acquired land. Research flying restarted around 1954 and RAE Bedford was the location of the Rolling Deck which was used for trials of the P.531 in late Apr 1961 as development work for the eventual Wasp HAS.1 was beginning. Other innovations, such as the Blind Landing Experimental Unit were also based here. Government research flying ceased in 1994 when this activity moved to RAE Boscombe Down.
After operational flying ceased, the airfield has been partitioned into a number of different business areas. The north side has become a vehicle engineering, testing and motorsport circuit with its own helipad at Bedford Autodrome. The western 2/3 of the main runway and adjacent area is now a large Vehicle Holding Centre and store. The eastern 1/3 of the main runway has become Bedford Aerodrome, which primarily serves the Autodrome.

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List of units at Bedford (Thurleigh)

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1988/91Royal Aerospace Establishment

List of aircraft and events at Bedford (Thurleigh)

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1961-nov TrialsMinistry of Defence (MoD)Whirlwind HAS.7XK906
1971-mar Aerodynamics FltMinistry of Defence (MoD)Wessex HC.2XR503
1971-jun-15 WestlandScout AH.1XP191
1978-mar Flight Systems FltUK GovernmentSA330 PumaXW241
1978-mar Radar Research FltRoyal Air ForceSA330E PumaXW234
1978-mar Radar Research FltFleet Air ArmWessex HAS.1XM926
1978-mar Flight Systems FltMinistry of Defence (MoD)Wessex HC.2XR503
1990 StoredUK GovernmentSA330 PumaXW241

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