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  • united kingdom South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

    Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England

    United Kingdom


    Satellite and aerial maps of Aeroventure with nearby locations

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    8.2122EGCN Finningley, England
    8.2142 Bawtry Forest, England
    10.4065EGUT RAF Lindholme, England
    14.5193 Firbeck, England
    17.4073EGCF Sandtoft, England
    22.7194EGNF Netherthorpe, England

    1916 to present

    53° 30' 51'' N - 1° 6' 35'' W
    Elevation: 25 feet

    History of this Location

    RAF Doncaster was opened in 1916 and closed in 1954, although general aviation activities continued for c 20 years until developers moved into the site.

    The South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum occupies part of the north side of the ex RAF station.

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    List of aircraft and events at Aeroventure

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    By Date | By Serial

    1997-nov Exhibit BETA G-DELB
    1999 Cabin section3 CBAS AH.1 XP902
    1999-nov Exhibit HAS7 XN386
    2000 ExhibitAAC AH.1 XP190
    2000-aug-24 ExhibitRN HU.5 XS481
    2000-nov Spares sourceRAF Sycamore 4 XG506
    2003-jun Exhibit HAR3 G-BDBZ
    2004 Exhibit 206A G-BAML
    2006-apr-08 AH.1 XX411
    2006-apr-08 HU.5 XS481
    2006-jun Dismantled HR.3 WN499
    2008 Exhibit HAS.1 XS887
    2009-jun ExhibitAAC AH.1 XV139
    2009-dec ExhibitAAC Skeeter 7 XM561
    2010 ExhibitAeroventure Museum Sioux XT242
    2012 Exhibit UH-1H AE-406
    2012-mar-21 AH.1 XX411
    2012-mar-21 AH.1 XP902
    2012-mar-21 HAR.1 XA870
    2012-mar-21 HAR10 XP345
    2012-mar-21 HAR3 XJ398
    2012-mar-21 HAS.1 XV677 / N-69
    2012-mar-21 HU.5 XS481
    2013-jan RestorationRN HAR.1 XA862
    2013-jan ExhibitRN HAR.1 XA870
    2015-oct-29 Exhibit 280C HB-XMO
    2016-mar Stored Sioux XT236
    2016-aug ExhibitAeroventure Museum HAS.2 XZ246
    2017-may Restoration Sycamore 4 XE317
    2019-sep-05 Exhibit3 CBAS AH.1 XX411
    2019-sep-05 ExhibitAAC AH.1 XP190
    2019-sep-05 Exhibit BETA G-DELB
    2019-sep-05 ExhibitRN HAR.1 XA870
    2019-sep-05 Exhibit HAR10 XP345
    2019-sep-05 Exhibit HAR3 XJ398
    2019-sep-05 Exhibit HAS.1 XS887
    2019-sep-05 Exhibit HAS.1 XV677
    2019-sep-05 Exhibit HAS7 XN386
    2019-sep-05 ExhibitAeroventure Museum Sioux XT242
    2019-sep-05 ExhibitAAC Skeeter 7 XM561
    2019-sep-05 Exhibit Sycamore 4 XE317

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