united kingdom South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

Doncaster, England
united kingdom

8.2122EGCN Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield, England
10.4 65EGUT RAF Lindholme, England
17.4 73EGCF Sandtoft, England
22.8234EGSY Sheffield City, England
23.8309 Nostell, England
25.8243 Sheffield Northern General, England

1916 to present

53 30 51 secs N - 1 6 35 secs W
Elevation: 25 feet

RAF Doncaster was opened in 1916 and closed in 1954, although general aviaition activities continued for c 20 years until developers moved into the site.

The South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum occupies part of the north side of the ex RAF station.

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By Date | By Serial

1999-nov ExhibitWhirlwind HAS.7XN386
2006-apr-08 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XX411
2006-apr-08 Wessex HU.5XS481
2010 ExhibitAeroventure MuseumsiouxXT242
2012-mar-21 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XX411
2012-mar-21 Scout AH.1XP902
2012-mar-21 Sea King HAS.1XV677 / N-69
2012-mar-21 Wessex HU.5XS481
2012-mar-21 Whirlwind HAR.1XA870
2012-mar-21 Whirlwind HAR.10XP345
2012-mar-21 Whirlwind HAR.3XJ398
2016-aug ExhibitAeroventure MuseumLynx HAS2XZ246

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