Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Doncaster/Sheffield , South Yorkshire , England

united kingdom United Kingdom

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Bawtry Forest , England 2.9221
Aeroventure , England 8.2302EGCI
RAF Lindholme , England 9.1016EGUT
Sandtoft , England 13.5045EGCF
Firbeck , England 14.3227
Emdon Services , England 20.8253


1936 to present

53° 28' 29'' N     1° 0' 16'' W
Finningley, Doncaster/Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England
Elevation: 30 feet

The airport received its last flight on 4 Nov 2022 and Air Traffic Control services were withdrawn on 3 Dec 2022; the airport is now closed, while the local Authority engages in an unseemly squabble over its entrails.

The northern base of the Childrens Air Ambulance moved to Gamston in Apr 2023.

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  List of units at Finningley

Years Unit
2012-    NPASMD900 Explorer, EC135, EC145, EC135,
??/23TCAAAW169, AW109,

List of aircraft and events at Finningley

By Date | By Serial | By Model

1975-sep-20 SA330E XW229 / DB
1975-sep-20 SA330E XW236 / CP

1977-jun-30 HC.2 XR518
1977-jun-30 SA330E XW219 / DC
1977-jul-01 HC.2 XS679 / BP
1977-jul-30 HAR.4 XD163 / X
1977-jul-30 HC.2 XV720
1977-jul-30 HC.2 XV723 / AQ
1977-jul-30 33 Squadron /CC SA330E XW206

1978-sep-02 HAR.3 XZ595 / K

1979-jan-26 202 Squadron Sycamore 4 XJ380

1983-sep-17 AAC AH.1 XZ344
1983-sep-17 SA330E XW200 / FA

1984-feb RebuildRAF Sycamore 3 WV781
1984-aug-01 G I AirframeRAF HAR.2 8732M

1985-sep-06 CH-47C ZD575 / FF
1985-sep-06 HAR.3 ZE369
1985-nov G I AirframeRN HU.5 XT772

1986-sep-01 HAR.3 XZ587 / C
1986-sep-01 Lynx G-LYNX
1986-sep-20 UH-1H G-HUEY

1988-sep-01 CH-47C ZA680 / BV
1988-sep-01 RAF CH-47D ZA680 / BV
1988-sep-01 HT.3 XX406 / P
1988-sep-16 HAR.2 XJ729

1989-sep-23 HAS.2 XZ235
1989-sep-23 HC.2 XR497

1990-may G I AirframeRN HAS7 XN302

1991-feb G I Airframe ?RN HU.5 XT768
1991-sep-18 Loan for display ?RN Saro P.531 XN332

1992-aug-19 AH9 ZG885

1993-sep StoredRN HU.5 XS484

2008-mar-31 MK512 ZK001

2016-jul BETA II G-LYNC

2019-oct-21 PDG Helicopters AS355F2 G-NTWK

2020-may-23 205A-1 G-UHGB

2021-apr-13 PDG Helicopters AS355F2 G-NLSE

2022-apr-02 AS350B3 N9FJ

2023-apr-11 AS350B3E OO-ABK

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