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  • united kingdom Wroughton

    Wroughton, Wiltshire, England

    United Kingdom

    Satellite and aerial maps of Wroughton with nearby locations

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    6.2053EGI90 Great Western Hospital, England
    11.8270 REME Museum, England
    13.4270EGDL MoD Lyneham, England
    15.7045 Shrivenham, England
    20.0003EGVA Fairford, England
    20.6313EGTW Oaksey Park, England

    1940 to present

    51° 30' 15'' N - 1° 48' 0'' W
    3.5nm south of Swindon
    Elevation: 678 feet

    History of this Location

    Wroughton was home to RAF 15 MU (a storage unit) between Apr 1940 and Mar 1972. It has not been an active flying base for a great many years. Since at least the mid 1970s, its main role has been as a short and long term storage facility, principally for the Fleet Air Arm through the Royal Naval Aircraft Yard (RNAY) and also for other branches of the Ministry of Defence, as well as organisations, such as the Science Museum and the Fleet Air Arm Museum.

    The RNAY finally closed on 3 Sep 1992 and many (but not all) of the airframes were dispersed. Some of the storage facilities remain.

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    List of aircraft and events at Wroughton

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    By Date | By Serial

    1960-mar-08 AAC Skeeter 7 XN344
    1960-apr StoredAAC Skeeter 7 XN347
    1960-aug StoredAAC Skeeter 7 XN350
    1960-aug-31 StoredAAC Skeeter 7 XN352
    1960-sep-20 StoredAAC Skeeter 7 XN355
    1960-nov-28 StoredAAC Skeeter 7 XN353
    1961-oct StoredCFS (H) Skeeter 6B XK479
    1964-nov AAC Skeeter 7 XN339
    1966-may 15 MURAF Sycamore 4 XL827
    1966-aug-01 15 MURAF Sycamore 4 XL823
    1967-feb StoredAAC Skeeter 7 XN353
    1967-apr StoredAAC Skeeter 7 XM555
    1967-apr StoredAAC Skeeter 7 XL734
    1967-oct 15MUAAC Skeeter 7 XM561
    1970-apr-10 StoredRAF HAR10 XP399
    1972-oct StoredRN HAS7 XL846
    1973-jun-19 HAS.1 XS866
    1974 G I AirframeAAC Skeeter 6A XK482
    1974-jul StoredRN HAS.1 XS119
    1974-dec StoredRN HAS7 XL836
    1974-dec StoredRN HAS7 XL867
    1975-jan StoredRN HAS7 XK943
    1975-mar StoredRN HAR3 XG574
    1975-apr StoredRN UH-12E XS706
    1975-jul StoredRN HAS7 XL839
    1975-nov RN Wasp XS564
    1976 StoredAAC Sioux XT804
    1976-apr StoredRN HAS.1 XM326
    1976-may-19 HAS.1 XS116 / 511
    1976-may-19 HU.5 XS489 / VK
    1976-jun-12 12 Flt AH.1 XX435
    1976-jul StoredRN HAS.1 XM841
    1976-jul-21 RN HAS.1 XM868
    1976-sep-01 AAC Sioux XT235
    1976-sep-15 AAC Sioux XT233
    1977-may StoredRN HAS.1 XM842
    1977-may StoredRN HAS7 XM669
    1977-jun-01 AAC Sioux XT843
    1977-jun-15 AAC Sioux XT231
    1977-jun-15 AAC Sioux XT570
    1977-jul-01 AAC Sioux XT817
    1978 StoredAAC AH.1 XV125
    1978 StoredRN HAS7 XG592
    1978 Broken upAAC Sioux XT558
    1978-apr StoredRN HAS7 XN304
    1978-oct-21 AAC AH.1 XX403
    1978-oct-21 AAC AH.1 XZ349
    1978-oct-21 AAC AH.1 XZ333
    1978-oct-21 AAC AH.1 XW844
    1978-oct-21 AAC AH.1 XW851
    1978-oct-21 AAC AH.1 XX399
    1978-oct-21 AAC AH.1 XX400
    1978-oct-21 RM AH.1 XX402
    1978-oct-21 AAC AH.1 XP191
    1978-oct-21 RAF HAR.4 XJ409
    1978-oct-21 RAF HAR10 XP300
    1978-oct-21 RN HAS.1 XP157
    1978-oct-21 RN HAS.1 XS878
    1978-oct-21 RN HAS7 XN304
    1978-oct-21 RN HAS7 XL880
    1978-oct-21 RN HAS7 XL898
    1978-oct-21 705 NAS HAS7 XL899
    1978-oct-21 RN HAS7 XN298
    1978-oct-21 RN HAS7 XN306
    1978-oct-21 RN HAS7 XN359
    1978-oct-21 705 NAS HAS7 XN384
    1978-oct-21 RN HAS7 XN386
    1978-oct-21 RN HT.2 XW853
    1978-oct-21 RN HT.2 XZ938
    1978-oct-21 RN HT.2 XW845
    1978-oct-21 RN HT.2 XX441
    1978-oct-21 RN HT.2 XX446
    1978-oct-21 RN HT.2 XZ937
    1978-oct-21 RAF HT.3 XZ930
    1978-oct-21 RAF HT.3 XZ931
    1978-oct-21 RAF HT.3 XZ932
    1978-oct-21 RAF HT.3 XZ933
    1978-oct-21 RAF HT.3 XZ934
    1978-oct-21 AAC Sioux XT151
    1978-oct-21 RM Sioux XW193
    1978-oct-21 AAC Sioux XT227
    1978-oct-21 AAC Sioux XT190
    1978-oct-21 AAC Sioux XT191
    1978-oct-21 RAF Sioux XV317
    1978-oct-21 AAC Sioux XT510
    1978-oct-21 RN Wasp XS542
    1978-oct-21 RN Wasp XT426
    1978-oct-21 RN Wasp XT429
    1978-oct-21 RN Wasp XT439
    1978-oct-21 829 NAS Wasp XT442
    1978-oct-21 RN Wasp XS536
    1978-oct-21 829 NAS Wasp XT415
    1979-jun StoredRN Wasp XT441
    1979-sep StoredRN HAS.1 XM845
    1981-jul StoredRN Wasp XT438
    1981-dec StoredRN HAS.1 XM833
    1982-jul-16 StoredAAC AH.1 XP893
    1982-sep StoredRN HU.5 XT469
    1982-oct StoredRN HU.5 XS479
    1982-oct RN HU.5 XT480
    1982-dec-13 RN HAS.1 XM870
    1985-mar StorageRN HU.5 XT768
    1985-may RN HAS.1 XS872
    1985-jul StoredRN Wasp XV624
    1985-sep StoredAAC AH.1 XT616
    1986-dec StoredAAC AH.1 XP190
    1987 StoredAAC AH.1 ZB690
    1987-mar-17 StoredRN HU.5 XT460
    1989-may-01 HAR.4 XD163 / X
    1990-mar StoredQatar Ministry of Interior MK28 QP-30
    1990-mar StoredQatar Ministry of Interior MK28 QP-31
    1990-mar StoredQatar Ministry of Interior MK28 QP-32
    1990-may StoredRN Saro P.531 XN332
    1992-may StoredAAC AH.1 XV136
    1994-jun StoredRN UH-12B XB480

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