united kingdom Chichester/Goodwood Aerodrome

Chichester, England
United Kingdom


Satellite and aerial maps of Chichester Goodwood with nearby locations

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3.4114 Tangmere, England
4.8 16EGKG Goodwood Racecourse Heliport, England
8.4276 Funtington, England
12.5248EGYT Thorney Island, England
12.9111 Ford, England
21.8267 Portsmouth Hospital, England

50° 51' 33.85'' N - 0° 45' 33.20'' W

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Chichester Goodwood News

Elite Helicopters Adds R66 for Pilot Courses, 15-Feb-19 : #FlightSchool Elite Helicopters at Goodwood, UK added a R66 for the private pilot license (PPL) and commercial pilot license (CPL) courses

Elite Helicopters Added Cabri for Pilot Courses, 24-Jan-19 : #FlyingSchool UK training school Elite Helicopters received a new Guimbal Cabri G2 for its PPL, CPL and FI training courses. Will be based at the Goodwood Aerodrome

List of aircraft and events at Chichester Goodwood

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By Date | By Serial

1988-may Blades HelicoptersF-28CG-BONF
2003-jun-20 206B-3 Jet RangerG-BPWI
2003-jun-20 AS350B3 EcureuilG-WHAM
2003-jul-13 222G-NOIR
2003-jul-13 SA341D Gazelle HT.3G-BZYB / M
2004-jan-18 280C SharkG-IDUP
2004-feb-18 AS355E TwinStarG-LECA
2004-mar-13 206B-3 Jet RangerG-BPWI
2005-feb-19 AS350B3 EcureuilG-WHAM
2005-feb-19 R44 Raven IIG-ONGA
2005-may-15 AS350B3 EcureuilG-JBBZ
2005-jul-16 AS350B EcureuilG-TATS
2005-jul-31 A109CG-JONA
2005-aug-08 AB206B-3G-OMDR
2006-jul-15 206B-3 Jet RangerG-BPWI
2011-apr-02 R22 Beta IIG-DHGS
2011-may-31 R44 ClipperG-SUNN
2011-aug-20 R22 Beta IIG-LYNC
2012-jun-13 R44 Raven IIG-SPYS
2014-apr R22 BetaG-BUBW
2014-jun-08 206B-3 Jet RangerG-XBOX
2014-jun-08 Cabri G2G-UMBL
2015-feb-12 accidentR22 Beta IIG-ECMC
2015-jul-29 QA Gulf HelicoptersS-92AA7-MBN
2015-aug-17 accidentR44 RavenG-LHXL
2018-jun-08 accidentCabri G2G-PERH
2019-feb Elite HelicoptersR66 Turbine MarineG-LIKK

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