poland Pruszcz Gdanski

Pruszcz Gdanski, Województwo pomorskie

Satellite and aerial maps of Pruszcz Gdanski with nearby locations

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13.8356 Stocznia Gdanska, Województwo pomorskie
19.3317EPGD Lech Walesa, Województwo pomorskie
33.5347 Gdynia, Województwo pomorskie
38.5345EPOK Gdynia Babie Doly - Oksywie, Województwo pomorskie
38.9129EPMB 22nd Air Base, Województwo pomorskie
51.4358EPJA Jastarnia, Województwo pomorskie

54° 14' 52.80'' N - 18° 40' 17.76'' E

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List of aircraft and events at Pruszcz Gdanski

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By Date | By Serial

2002-aug-20 mi-24d457
2002-aug-20 mi-24d460
2003-may-28 mi-2ch5350
2003-aug-23 mi-24d459
2004-aug-21 Mi-2 Hoplite211
2004-aug-21 mi-2ch5350
2004-aug-21 W-3WARM0813 / 0813
2005-jul-07 mi-24d459
2005-sep-10 mi-24d457
2005-sep-10 mi-24d460
2006-sep-09 mi-24d270
2006-sep-09 mi-24d457
2006-sep-09 mi-24d459
2006-sep-09 Mi-24V Hind728 / 4
2009-oct-31 MD369E / MD500ESE-JMO

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