sweden Stockholm Bromma Flygplats

Stockholm, Stockholm

Satellite and aerial maps of Stockholm Bromma with nearby locations

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7.1334ESKB Barkarby, Stockholm
8.2112 Stockholm Strom, Stockholm
11.5264ESSE Skå-Edeby, Stockholm
19.4185ESCN Tullinge, Stockholm
32.4 0ESSA Stockholm Arlanda, Stockholm
33.2162ESQP Berga, Stockholm

1936 to present

59 21 17 secs N - 17 56 36 secs E
Elevation: 45 feet

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List of units at Stockholm Bromma

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2004/    SWT AeroBo105 2006/   
R44 2005/   
206 2004/05
1982/    Helikopter Assistance

List of aircraft and events at Stockholm Bromma

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By Date | By Serial

1964-apr marinenV44B01472
1971-jun-17 ka-26SE-HDM
1998-sep-05 212SE-JLP
1998-sep-05 AS332M1 Super Puma10405 / 95
1998-sep-05 S-76ASE-JES
2003-jul-01 S-92N492SA
2004-may-01 AS332C Super PumaLN-OBX
2004-jul-18 S-76CSE-JUJ
2004-aug-30 AS332M1 Super Puma10410 / 90
2004-sep-10 S-76ASE-JUS
2004-sep-16 AS532UL Cougar2342 / FX
2004-sep-21 S-76CSE-JUY
2004-sep-27 AB412HP11331
2004-nov-19 Bk117B-1SE-JUL
2004-dec-01 EC135P2SE-HPU / 8-0944
2005-mar-10 Bk117B-1SE-JUL
2005-may-09 AS332M1 Super Puma10401 / 91
2005-may-19 S-76CSE-JUY
2005-jun-02 AS332M1 Super Puma10406 / 96
2005-jun-07 EC135P2SE-HPX / 8-0946
2005-jul-07 AS365N2 Dauphin 2SE-JIA / C993
2005-oct-03 AS365N2 Dauphin 2SE-JKA
2006-apr-06 AS365N2 Dauphin 2SE-JIC
2010-may-06 EC145SE-JJC
2011-may-20 MD600NSE-JKJ

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