Bückeburg , Lower Saxony

germany Germany

Satellite and aerial maps of Buckeburg with nearby locations

Nearby locationsKmBearing
Hubschraubermuseum , Lower Saxony 3.1228
Rinteln , Lower Saxony 8.7176
Muehlenkreiskliniken Minden , Lower Saxony 13.1261JWKM
Minden , North Rhine-Westphalia 16.0286
Gifhorn , North Rhine-Westphalia 16.4246EDVY
Motortechnika Museum , North Rhine-Westphalia 18.0241


1946 to present

52° 16' 47.46'' N     9° 4' 51.32'' E
1nm NE of Bückeburg, Bückeburg, Lower Saxony
Elevation: 230 feet

During the Cold War, this Heersflieger base was ICAO location code EDCB.

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  List of units at Buckeburg

Years Unit
2015-    IHAZ206, EC135T1, NH90 TTH,
1973-    HFVS910Bo105P PAH-1,
1971/92HFS900Alouette II, UH-1D,
1966/71HFVS700UH-1D, Alouette II,
1960-    HFWSEC135/H135, 206, NH90 TTH, EC135T1, Bo105P PAH-1, CH-53G, UH-1D, Alouette II, S-58 H-34,

  Buckeburg News

A Legend Retires in Germany

A Legend Retires in Germany

08-Oct-21 - Last June the German Army handled over the last UH-1D Huey in service to the Helicopter Museum In Bückeburg #Huey
Fifth and Final H135 Trainer to Bundeswehr

Fifth and Final H135 Trainer to Bundeswehr

12-Jun-18 - German Armed Forces joint helicopter school at Bückeburg received the fifth and last H135 / EC135T3 from the outsourcing contract to ADAC and Milestone #training
90,000 Flight Hours for Bundeswehr EC135 SHS

90,000 Flight Hours for Bundeswehr EC135 SHS

27-Oct-16 - The EC135 (SHS) training helicopter fleet of the German Armed Forces reached 90,000 flight hours since introduction in 2001
CAE to Support German Army Aviation School

CAE to Support German Army Aviation School

15-Dec-14 - CAE was awarded support services contract for the German Army Aviation School simulators in Bueckeburg.
200th NH90 goes to Belgium

200th NH90 goes to Belgium

24-Jun-14 - NHI celebrated today the 200th NH90 helicopter delivery.

List of aircraft and events at Buckeburg

By Date | By Serial | By Model

1968-may USMC CH-46A 152505

1984 G I AirframeHFWS SE3130 76+23

1998-oct-07 HFWSHFWS UH-1D 71+83

1999-jun HFWS CH-53G 84+41

2005-sep-12 Heeresflieger EC135T1 8261
2005-oct-17 CH-53G 8414

2006-sep-01 Schweizer Luftwaffe AS532UL T-336
2006-sep-06 UHT 7408
2006-sep-09 105P 8655
2006-sep-09 AS332L1 D-HEGE
2006-sep-09 BK117A1 D-HMUS
2006-sep-09 CH-53G 8414
2006-sep-09 HAP 2004 / ATE
2006-sep-09 mi-24p ?
2006-sep-09 MK41 8954
2006-sep-09 MK88 8309
2006-sep-09 MK88A 8309
2006-sep-09 MK88A 8309
2006-sep-09 SA316B M-2 / OT-ZPB
2006-sep-09 SA330H ZJ954
2006-sep-09 ALAT SA342M 4210 / AFB
2006-sep-09 TTH 9893
2006-sep-09 UH-1D 7101
2006-sep-10 Heeresflieger 105M 80+10
2006-sep-10 KHR26 105P 87+92
2006-sep-10 Heeresflieger 105P 86+55
2006-sep-10 HFWS 105P 86+44
2006-sep-10 HFWS 105P 86+09
2006-sep-10 HFVS910 105P 86+26
2006-sep-10 HFVS910 105P 86+51
2006-sep-10 HFVS910 105P 86+66
2006-sep-10 HFVS910 105P 87+55
2006-sep-10 HFVS910 105P 88+05
2006-sep-10 HFVS910 105P 88+10
2006-sep-10 HFVS910 105P 86+29
2006-sep-10 Heeresflieger 105P 86+71
2006-sep-10 HFVS910 105P 87+29
2006-sep-10 RNoAF 412SP 139
2006-sep-10 RNoAF 412SP 143
2006-sep-10 Luchtcomponent A109BA H42
2006-sep-10 Army AH-64D 01-5243
2006-sep-10 661 Squadron AH7 ZE376
2006-sep-10 Bundespolizei AS332L1 D-HEGE
2006-sep-10 Schweizer Luftwaffe AS532UL T-336
2006-sep-10 HFWS CH-53G 84+05
2006-sep-10 HFWS CH-53G 84+11
2006-sep-10 HFVS910 CH-53G 84+13
2006-sep-10 HFVS910 CH-53G 84+14
2006-sep-10 HFWS CH-53G 84+18
2006-sep-10 HFWS CH-53G 84+27
2006-sep-10 Heeresflieger CH-53G 84+32
2006-sep-10 HFWS CH-53G 84+41
2006-sep-10 HFWS CH-53G 84+57
2006-sep-10 HFWS CH-53G 84+65
2006-sep-10 Heeresflieger CH-53G 84+72
2006-sep-10 HFWS CH-53G 84+76
2006-sep-10 HFWS CH-53G 84+87
2006-sep-10 Heeresflieger CH-53G 84+98
2006-sep-10 HFWS EC135T1 82 51
2006-sep-10 HFWS EC135T1 82+52
2006-sep-10 HFWS EC135T1 82+53
2006-sep-10 HFWS EC135T1 82+54
2006-sep-10 HFWS EC135T1 82+55
2006-sep-10 HFWS EC135T1 82+56
2006-sep-10 HFWS EC135T1 82+57
2006-sep-10 HFWS EC135T1 82+60
2006-sep-10 HFWS EC135T1 82+62
2006-sep-10 HFWS EC135T1 82+63
2006-sep-10 HFWS EC135T1 82+64
2006-sep-10 HFWS EC135T1 82+65
2006-sep-10 Bundespolizei EC155B D-HLTI
2006-sep-10 Armée de l'Air H-34A QA+471
2006-sep-10 EAALAT HAP 2004
2006-sep-10 Phoenix MD902 D-HPNA
2006-sep-10 Magyar Légiero mi-24p 335
2006-sep-10 Heeresflieger mi-24p 96+49
2006-sep-10 Magyar Légiero MI-24V 718
2006-sep-10 Maavoimat MI-8PS HS-6
2006-sep-10 Heeresflieger MI-8PS 93+80
2006-sep-10 Marineflieger MK41 89+54
2006-sep-10 Marineflieger MK88A 83+09
2006-sep-10 Marine SA316B M-2
2006-sep-10 Fl.2 SA316B 3E-KX
2006-sep-10 Bundespolizei SA318C D-HAGI
2006-sep-10 33 Squadron SA330H ZJ954
2006-sep-10 6 RHCM SA342M 4210
2006-sep-10 Heeresflieger SE3130 75+51
2006-sep-10 Heeresflieger SE3130 76+92
2006-sep-10 Heeresflieger SE3130 75+55
2006-sep-10 Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH TTH 98+93
2006-sep-10 HFWS UH-1D 72+27
2006-sep-10 Luftwaffe UH-1D 71+01
2006-sep-10 HFWS UH-1D 73+79
2006-sep-10 HFWS UH-1D 72+80
2006-sep-10 HFWS UH-1D 71+82
2006-sep-10 HFWS UH-1D 72+10
2006-sep-10 Luftwaffe UH-1D 98+98
2006-sep-10 UH-1D 7268
2006-sep-10 Heeresflieger UH-1D 71+98
2006-sep-10 1-214 AVN UH-60A 88-26019
2006-sep-10 D/F HFAZT UHT 74+08
2006-sep-10 Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH UHT 98+12
2006-sep-10 Heeresflieger V44B 83+32

2010-dec-13 Luftwaffe TTH 79+01

2012-jun-01 CH-53G 8411
2012-aug-29 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+55
2012-aug-29 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+61
2012-oct-11 EC135T1 82+57
2012-oct-11 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+63

2013-jan homebaseHFWS EC135T1 82+53
2013-jan homebaseHFWS EC135T1 82+56
2013-jan homebaseHFWS EC135T1 82+59
2013-jan homebaseHFWS EC135T1 82+63
2013-jan homebaseHFWS EC135T1 82+64
2013-jan homebaseHFWS TTH 78+09
2013-nov-26 Heeresflieger TTH 78+01

2014-mar-20 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+55
2014-mar-20 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+64
2014-mar-20 TTH 78+21
2014-apr-03 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+61
2014-apr-24 TTH 78+20
2014-apr-29 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+63

2015 HFWS /78 27 TTH 78+27
2015 HFWS /78 28 TTH 78+28
2015-sep-10 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+51
2015-sep-10 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+61
2015-dec-10 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+55

2016-jan-19 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+61
2016-apr-01 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+51
2016-jun-11 Bundespolizei AS332L1 D-HEGK
2016-jun-11 HFWS /78 21 TTH 78+21
2016-jun-11 Heeresflieger TTH 78+29
2016-nov-14 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+64

2017-mar Motorflug 206B-3 D-HMFD
2017-mar Motorflug 206B-3 D-HMFE
2017-mar Motorflug 206B-3 D-HMFA
2017-mar Motorflug 206B-3 D-HMFB
2017-mar Motorflug 206B-3 D-HMFC
2017-mar Motorflug 206B-3 D-HMFF
2017-apr-20 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+64

2019-jul-01 accidentHeeresflieger EC135T1 82+62
2019-nov-20 Christoph Westfalen (ADAC) H145D2 D-HYAL

2020-nov-17 HFWS /79 22 TTH 79+22

2021-jan Heeresflieger EC135T3 D-HABQ
2021-apr Heeresflieger EC135T3 D-HABR
2021-jun-23 Heeresflieger TTH 79+19
2021-jul Heeresflieger EC135T3 D-HABP

2022-may-04 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+63
2022-sep-20 Heeresflieger TTH 79+19

2023-mar-01 Heeresflieger TTH 79+41

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