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Ingolstadt, Freistaat Bayern

Satellite and aerial maps of Ingolstadt/Manching with nearby locations

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23.7268ETSN Neuburg, Freistaat Bayern
43.2121EDML Landshut, Freistaat Bayern
44.3155EDDM München Franz-Josef Strauss, Freistaat Bayern
50.8 53 Klinikum Regensburg, Freistaat Bayern
53.0177EDNX Oberschleissheim, Freistaat Bayern
53.4144ETSE Erding, Freistaat Bayern

1938 to present

48° 42' 56.51'' N - 11° 32' 2.40'' E
8 km southeast of Ingolstadt
Elevation: 1202 feet

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List of units at Ingolstadt/Manching

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1965/    WTD61S-65C-1 1972/   
S-64A 1963/65

List of aircraft and events at Ingolstadt/Manching

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By Date | By Serial

2002-sep-28 407D-HPRO
2002-sep-28 Bo105P PAH-18617
2002-sep-28 CH-53G8500
2002-sep-28 EC135P1D-HBYB
2004-jun-11 EC145 StylenceD-HMBO
2005-oct-13 Bk117B-1D-HIMU
2005-oct-24 EC135T1OE-XER
2006-feb-13 CH-53G8455
2006-apr-20 EC135D-HECX
2006-may-02 CH-53G8500
2006-may-11 EC135T1OE-XER
2006-may-19 AS532UL CougarT-337
2006-jul-08 Bo105P PAH-18731
2006-jul-08 EC145D-HMBE
2006-jul-08 S-65C-18402
2006-sep-21 EC135T2OK-BYE
2006-oct-17 SA330J PumaD-HAXH
2007-jan-12 CH-53G8455
2007-feb-23 EC135P1D-HBYB
2007-apr-16 EC145D-HMBE
2007-apr-16 EC145D-HMBE
2007-apr-16 EC145D-HMBS
2007-sep-14 Super Lynx mk88a83+21
2007-sep-15 S-65C-18402
2008 WTD61LuftwaffeUH Tiger98+17
2008-jul-15 EC145 StylenceD-HMBO
2009 407D-HEAB
2010-may-12 EC135P2+D-HCDL
2010-aug-13 EC135P2+M-PACF
2011-jun-28 CH-53G84+84
2012-nov-09 EC135T1OE-XER
2015-feb-05 H145 / EC145T2D-HADW
2015-nov 427D-HANA
2017 WTD61LuftwaffeUH Tiger74+01
2017 WTD61LuftwaffeUH-1D98+98

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